Thursday, July 12, 2012

Channeled Meditation, Thoth - May I suggest? 7-12-12

This is a guided meditation encapsulated here for reading when the time is right for you. Enter this portal when the time is right.

You open your eyes slowly, and off in the distance is an Ibis. The ibis is casually wading in the shallow, peaceful waters of gray-blue and moss green, his body is a silhoette against the expanse of the watery horizon. As you walk near, he looks up and notices you, yet continues to slowly step with care and pause frequently to look half way at you, and halfway at something else. He is indifferent it seems, but you recognize him, and he recognizes you, and you trust him, and he trusts you.

As you near, the Ibis steps a few more steps away at times, but does not change purpose or the pace of his casual activity. Soon you are within a distance to the Ibis where you receive an understanding that he is expecting you just at this time, and you understand his intentions with no sound or gesture. You understand he is your quiet guide. His intentions are to show you the abyss*. He wants you to notice how similar Ibis and Abyss are, and so gradually he takes you out further and further, until you can see the abyss for yourself. His pace is slow, and the slow stepping motion, the colors and the stillness lull you into a trance. You observe the abyss without fear, but only with wonder and you are fixated, calm and remain in the trance.

The Ibis transfers knowledge: the abyss is a great depth, a great emptiness, a great portal and itself a great destination. The Ibis transfers knowledge: the abyss exists here, and inside your mind and heart, and indeed inside every point of existance. In this knowledge you understand and 'know' you can communicate quietly with the Ibis at will to take you to the abyss whenever you need information. In the emptiness there is knowledge. In the emptiness obstacles are small and one may easily walk around them until they fade. In the abyss, information is received without effort, telepathically.

The Ibis suggests you seek more and more emptiness from which to receive, integrate and radiate. The Ibis suggests you step softly so as not to disturb the tranquility of the abyss, and the Ibis suggests you begin seeing the abyss in all you encounter. Pause, step softly, slowly and wait.
Wait for the emptiness, the quiet, the calm, the unimaginable expanse of it.

The Ibis suggests you may access the abyss in three places on Earth. The ocean, the sun, the desert. In each of these three places, the Ibis suggests you go for answers. Which one you choose is of no concern.

The Ocean. Go to the ocean, sit quietly and wait until you hear, smell, and feel the abyss, and intend to receive your information after you allow expansive emptiness to 'be' you. This can be done in the water or at the beach.

The Sun. Go into the sun, sit quietly and wait until the light engulfs you and you become the light. Intend to receive your information.

The Desert. Go into the desert. Drive, walk, stand, sit. Wait for the abyss. Feel the abyss draw out all the complications of Earthly existance, and derive information then from the air, plants and Earth below you. The Earth meets the light air of the desert with great diversity, and you may choose the platform for your information to be received after you allow your complexities and individual aspects to disappear into the emptiness of the abyss here.

You open your eyes, and the Ibis is still with you, but he will not look at you directly, only at a 45 degree angle, and he will not shoot his intention or gaze directly at you, but instead waits for you to gather it slowly, gradually and softly. The Ibis is a creature of 8. If the Ibis glanced at you 8 different times, you would be in the center of a vortex initated by the repetition and variance of his glances. The Ibis is a messenger of the abyss. The Ibis has a subtle, patient, graceful tranquility which meters your Earthly behaviors by suggesting you act as he does, and by suggesting you allow more of the abyss into your life now.

Channeled meditation from The Ibis,
via EVE Featherstone

*a·byss   [uh-bis] Show IPA,noun
1.a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity; vast chasm.
2.anything profound, unfathomable, or infinite: the abyss of time.
3.(in ancient cosmogony)
a.the primal chaos before Creation.
b.the infernal regions; hell.
c.a subterranean ocean.

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