Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Positive and Negative Aspects of Human Breasts, Orion, via Eve Featherstone

NOTE FROM EVE: The Importance of Women's Breasts in the comprehensive transformation of planet Earth, is the first message channeled to me. I received the concept in full, not little by little. It was so unexpected and it fit so many missing puzzle pieces in our society, that it was the catalyst for awakening for me. It preceded the paintings, the blogs, the book (Wisdom of the Feathered Serpent)and the concept awaits acceptance of women and men. There are other entries in the book and blog concerning this topic.

Breasts shift poles. Sometimes the right one is positive, sometimes the left one. Women know this to be true, as breasts are ever changing in their sensitivity, size, and need for attention. Sometimes one needs attention, sometimes the other, and it can of course switch even during one session of experiential contact.

Consequently, the breasts in their switching poles offer a change in the direction of energy spin. This spin can bring forth to the woman or radiate out. This spin can change the dynamic of the woman's health and chakra balance, as well as change those who connect with her breasts in the same way.

It is necessary for both parties to be in the zone of sensitivity and intuition as to which breast, when, and how long.

In this way, a woman can change the dynamic of a whole group of people, or a whole room, by going in with powerful confidence and breasts which are free from encumbrances (bras, padding, etc). The breasts will be at optimum effectiveness if given room to move and change poles, hardness and sense that which cannot be sensed in other ways.

Orion Collective
via EVE Featherstone

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