Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eve's Paintings for Sale NOW!

Hello beautiful beings,

I am ready to release all the original EVE paintings to make way for a new series yet to come. But first, these need to move out to their new homes. They are all acrylic on canvas, and measure 11" x 14". Easy to ship, easy to frame.

Let them do their magic in your home or office. 24/7 automatic vibration patrol for you and yours.

They range in price from $200 to $300. You can buy them right off the site. Just click Buy Now buttons.

Prints are also available for $25 each, and they are the same size as the originals.

Thank you for looking :)


EVE Featherstone

Paintings by EVE were channeled to EVE by various beings during 2011. They were all painting in an intense period of 4 months. The blogs and book came after. They are portals to meditation, connection, and communication with other dimensions. They strengthen and grow your brains ability to process more than 3 dimensions. You will see different things in them every time you look. They are paintings that stare back. They are automatic, 24/7 vibration raising technology for your home or office.

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