Thursday, July 25, 2013

EVE's First Mantis Channel

With this feeling, this heavy, plasma like feeling you have now, open to our frequency slowly and to anticipate our thoughts continue to feel the inertia of this plasma against your physical vessel. Now, then as for the topic you mentioned we are intentionally presenting to you some diverse, paradoxical and at times for you frightening circumstances not to test, but rather to offer practice for you in these times of perplexing and even to us unpredictable conditions on your planet, as all of us here are slowly infusing you with our energies, we go slowly to prevent injury and misuse, but also to allow processing time. Processing time for you will look like sleepiness, disinterest in daily life, inability to focus on one thing at a time, and we encourage you to not judge yourself, nor judge others in your elite group. Instead support each other and investigate your queries with great zeal. For we, as well as others are anxiously waiting to provide you with answers to your queries as fast as you can post them to the collective consciousness.

To be formal and blunt, we are her to alter your reality. We are here to alter your plans, and we are here to alter your physical bodies to your next levels of command over different environments, different beings, and different quantities of all that you deem sufficient or worthy. For you, that includes bounty of light, love and inexplicable cohesive companionships that do not fall under previously defined parameters, and are indeed not meant to. For now, you are in likeness, quality and stature to us, on levels which you are unable to perceive, but are not surprised to learn of either. We wouldn’t say downloads we would say breaching your boundaries and fundamental beliefs, while at the same time offering you many of the things you have always wanted, with no trade off. No payment, no contracts, no catches as you say.

You are brought together to mirror your magical qualities, and to dissolve your impatience, dissolve your inadequacies, and dissolve you definitions of beauty, to those perceived by other senses besides sight, but rather on wonder and the ability to stop dead a thought pattern or inclination to do something from your old beliefs. Formidable tasks like this are not for any species, but we are adept at doing the “big jobs”, and (my (EVE’s) ears are plugged and I feel imbalanced) Ok, I understand, I will adjust frequency, and leave you now for you to assimilate this information and to prepare you, after processing for more information and interaction with us and others we choose to do our bidding.
Good day,
The Mantis
via EVE Featherstone

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