Saturday, May 9, 2015

There is no such thing as security. - Eve Featherstone

There is no such thing as security. The only security is the solid reality of self-satisfaction. Cherish the moments of being self satisfied and build your security upon these moments." -Eve Featherstone

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rest Before You Climb Again

In your slow, steady ascent, please allow yourself to rest on the stair landing between staircase sets. You will know when you've reached one of these, as you will have to concentrate on 'consciously acknowledging' the series of changes, shifts and/or closures you've just completed before you begin your new phase(s). You will feel breathless as if you have completed climbing a series of steps, and that you are on the precipice of another set of stairs. When you feel this way, pause until you 'catch your breathe". This is cardio for the heart center, not the physical heart. You are strengthening, stretching, expanding your heart's ability to accept, change, allow and become your newest self.

In thinking about 'stair landings', these pauses may feel like solid 'land' islands in the middle of unfamiliar 4th or 5th density 'water'. Rest here to regain balance, and proceed onward only when you feel rested and solid in your new version or circumstantial atmosphere.

-Eve Featherstone

Friday, April 10, 2015

Square One, Eve Featherstone (aka Evelyn Leona Featherstone (ELF)

My Square One observation
Of mysELF as One who *Gnosis
Tells me I'm imagining
My name and my true station

Silly as it seems now
I can't "keep my place"
In my self-spun novel
In my time and space

Fortune and oversimplified
I have been both polls
Now without a station
I'm the Empress without clothes!

-Evelyn Leona Featherstone (ELF)

*Gnosis is the common Greek noun for knowledge (in the nominative case γνῶσις f.). In Christian, Islamic, or Jewish mysticism, mystery religions and Gnosticism Gnosis generally signifies a spiritual knowledge or "religion of knowledge", in the sense of mystical enlightenment or "insight".

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Spirit of Contemplation, Poem, Eve Featherstone

The Spirit of Contemplation, Albert Toft 1862 - 1949

Pop culture prevents space
Between a human's thoughts
It forbids a moment's rest
Promotes what you've not bought

Compare yourself to others
Smaller though you'll stay
Weaker than the images
Less beautiful and gray

The ancient way of staring
Into space and time
Alone with just your own thoughts
Eyes fixed on grass and vine

Allow yourself the space now
Deliberate your life
Contemplate your place here
Contemplate each bite

The TV's not the answer
A book is not your own
The gym defeats the purpose
Insight is stillness grown

Message not engaging?
Your body reigns will take
Creating a serious illness
So you'll have to take a break.

-Eve Featherstone

The Spirit of Contemplation, Albert Toft 1862 - 1949

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Astral Plane Heckles

"The astral plane heckles when I act out of Faith."
-Eve Featherstone

The collective babble from the astral plane is what heckles those who act out of faith.

Distinction of Fervor Part 2

The fervor that "is no more"
Softly bowed out
I didn't even notice
Until I just now awoke
To a peaceful and beautiful
Song in my heart
Heralding a new way of
Living as Art

What was this fervor?
Was it unto its own?
Was it naive raw emotions?
Was it simply hormones?
I didn't seek respite
I didn't know it would leave
I didn't know it as a problem
I just noticed reprieve*

In search of surprising
Truth in the dark
In search of conspiring to
Raise in an arch of
Mounting possessions and
Gleeful intrigue
When something is sensed
In a concealed mystique

I know now the decay
Of these subjects well.
I skimmed just the surface
To observe and swell
Then burst the illusion
The genius gone
Only the hideous
Disillusionment dawns

A new better version
A more interesting game
Each more surprising
Intricately played
Design of roads from
Paving stones laid
By strong interest
Intrigue and laughter
That stayed.

The fervor was questions
Answered entwined
Answered by voyages
Which stranded me blind
I have no more questions
In this sort of vein
I have only beauty and
Wonder to tame.

-I AM Eve is One
via Eve Featherstone

reprieve - a cancellation of punishment

Distinction of Fervor Part 1

The spirited fervor*
Which yanked me about
Out of relations
Stability out
Is unexpectedly
Left my experience
Not my distinction
When truly devout

The fervor would reset
Circumstance flat
Never a gain from which
I could then map
A steady ascension to
Easier life
Fervor objected
Then would re-roll the dice

I'm strong now and solid
At peace with my life
Circumstances don't alter
Contemplation's first wife
Each day a new hand
Is dealt to my soul
Rich with new patterns
To trace over the old.

via Eve Featherstone

fervor - intense and passionate feeling

NOTE FROM EVE: After a year of of mobility and everything being unsure and susceptible to change, I find myself resting in a new safe and solid state of being. It only happened this week. (Jan 10, 2015) I realized the fervor which I realized had been the primary distinction of my character has gone, and I'm into a game of finesse now, free from the mainstream pressures of finance and guilt.

Repeated downsizing and simplification have brought me to this place. I can live with far less than I ever imagined 10 years ago, but this knowing has opened a portal of bone deep Gnosis which feels safe, solid and it feels also like a platform from which I can build myself a new type of life. A life which unfolds into more and more safety and unexpected beauty.

I will now write a poem which attempts to answer the question "Who or what was the fervor which accompanied me on the first half of my life?" Why did it leave? What did I do to make it go? Did it go of its own accord? Did I simply play all the levels of its game?

Refer to Distinction of Fervor Part 2 for the answers that I will uncover now in real time.