Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Dove on the Stump

The tree was cut bluntly
In the mid of it's height
The sun still shone brightly
The sky blue and right

The dove perched on purpose
His place was for sure
To say that forever
Growth here will not spurt

If beautiful growth and natural space
Are cut off midday with natural grace
Doesn't it mean that One should expect now
To look for the peace at the cut of the bough?*

Eve Featherstone

*bough - large branch of a tree

Author's note: As everything was going well (as usual), I experienced two violent and heart damaging blows. I fled to the desert, and as soon as I plopped myself in the waters of Mother Earth, I saw a large pine tree someone had cut off right in the middle of it's former height. A large Eurasian Dove was sitting there peacefully for a long time. The rest of the tree looked great, but 50% of it's growth directions were ceremonially lopped off. I could feel this was a beautiful sign for my lost heart. The message is to find the peaceful outcome of what has happened. How does this free me? How does this benefit me, if I can look at it objectively? Does it give me permission to grow in a different direction? Does it give me direction to put more attention to the remaining growth? Interesting but painful day. Look for the peace, look for the peace . . .

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Plain and Thankful

Half through this test of wits now
I'm shocked and in dismay
I realize I was an asshole
I contributed to the fray

Possessed by something restless
Possessed and out of tune
With all others who'd say
"What on Earth's got into her"
"How will she fair like this?"
Cruel and ruthless pacing
From one and onto next?

From 16 to 50 with no common sense
Motives were scattered
But most self defense

What deal did I agree too?
To whom my soul did sell?
Now I'm plain and thankful
That there is no hell.

Hell is hormones rampant
Competitive yet frail
Hell is striving onward
For the perfect blend of male.

Eve Featherstone
aka Kelly Marbach

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Raven's are Stirring

The ravens are stirring
They're up and about
They're smoothing 4th density
Frosting to route

They're the only real tangible
Thing I can see
The parrots are fleeing
But ravens still BE.

The frosting is coating
The changes we'll bear
The strength of it's perfection
Will save those who care.

Eve Leona Featherstone

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Coded for Progress

You are coded for progress
Coded to see
Coded to know about
Scan and make free

Free from your parents
Free from all crutches
Free from explaining
You know and it crushes

The need to try it
Or buy it or smoke it or taste
You need not fall for
The tangible fake

For all it was saying
Is there are more ways
There is another plane
Not for the "sane"

It is for mavericks
Who stray from the herd
Who started to need more
Than money or words

So take the bounty
Of what you can feel
For that's all that matters
And it will be your shield.

Eve Featherstone

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is about the new ability for you to benefit from the lense of substances or time periods without having to physically experience them or "be there" in time, space or close proximity. You need only stop, focus, and "be" that which presents itself to you as an interest, obsession or curiosity. You don't need to do it, be there, or get permission from anyone. The codes are there, inside YOU, and so allow your mind's eye to decipher them for you. You can do this. You are the new Magi.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Not a Conquest or a Whore

Not a conquest or a whore,
Not a catalyst to adore,
I will lay your waste behind
I'm not your concubine or shrine

I bear not my cleavage out
No more guile and not devout
I am the source of Earthly ways
I am the curse of power swayed

Your roles of female kind
Will be erased and intertwined
With gallantry and might
No seduction nothing unrequited*

We are not sexy as you see
We create the pulse we bleed
We are not admired for
Any beauty unfortold**

We are power and if you heed
We are the new female, new breed

via Eve Featherstone

* unrequited - (of a feeling, especially love) not returned or rewarded.

** unfortold - unpredicted

Sunday, August 9, 2015

You are an Island

Our ego, is what most often shapes how we feel about ourselves. The most important idea or concept I can pass on to help others is the following.

You are an island. No matter what circumstances you are in, you can't help but emit your own unique signal to all in your range and beyond what you can perceive as your range.

Continue to function in your own way, as you always do, no matter what without feeling sorry for yourself, or becoming preoccupied with admiring yourself.

Recreate an enjoyable or time passing way of 'process' until the always temporary circumstances pass.

Do not become an aphid of self pity for an unseen army of ants to feast, but instead, go into a systemic stasis of "interesting process" until everything shifts back in your favor.

You can be moved from situation to situation while maintaining your own strength and default balance. Your emotional and therefore intellectual center of gravity will outlast all less than ideal circumstances. Your own guidance may remove you from circumstances at will and transplant you to a better place to thrive as many times as you wish. You may also choose to remain where you are. It is you and you alone who decide this separate from all others.

So keep on emitting your own adorable "way of being", and remain strong in your heavy, unmovable center of gravity. You will remain intact. You will come out the other end. It is the guaranteed way of surviving all the stages of life with grace and self secured peace.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A New Kind of Indolence

To answer questions within your bewilderment, we appear within you to expand into a better understanding for you to project outwards. In your position, to be lazy or idle feels irresponsible, but within the current cosmic coordinates, it is the only safe thing to do. Actions are futile, and you have forgotten where to attain your own brand of virtue.

You have only rather outdated examples of virtue, and yet you are naked in your embodiment of virtue. This is obvious to those of us who observe your vibration and actions. You are devoid of previous programs of guile and manipulation. You are in fact confident you can respond with virtue to whatever the "computerized bingo game of circumstance" spits out.

The Lion's Gate (8-8-8) is in your near future, and for you, it is a beautifully organized array of "easy pickins". Nothing luxurious, but simply your brand of satisfaction in the form of interesting processes. You are the audience, as your surroundings arrange themselves in an orderly way, but with interesting poetic twists. (your favorite) Nothing you can DO. Just enJOY the show!

E.L.F. for
The Angels of Dominion

Indolence - avoidance of activity or exertion; laziness

Virtue - 1.behavior showing high moral standards. In traditional Christian angelology) the seventh highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy.

What do Koi Fish symbolize?