Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Do Not Keep Score

Do not keep track of the wins and losses of yourself, your family or friends.

How would you live your life if you did not have people observing your life and keeping track?

Would you attempt more projects, relationships, businesses, hobbies or moves?

This habit, behavior of keeping track or counting the amount of times someone does anything, whether it is relationships, marriages, moves, businesses, ideas, setbacks is destructive and blunts expansion.

Refrain from doing this yourself, and call out those who you know, are doing it to you.

Practice being in someone's corner, be in the moment, rooting for them, no matter what.

Channel, Delphia Rattlesnake (Reptoid)
Via Eve Featherstone

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Flower of the Woman - The Ethereal Pollination of Joy - Eve Featherstone

What does the flower of the woman blossom into?  You may say air and sunshine, but these only encourage the opening.  The thought of water will get you closer to the idea, but it is the Water of Life, which is an invisible but not rare aspect of our existence here on Earth.

This Water of Life behaves like water, but is an ethereal* plane of existence.  Chi and the movement of chi is a good way to visualize it.  This Water of Life occupies all the space between all that we can perceive, and it is by location and definition EVERYWHERE.

By EVERYWHERE, I mean the entirety of quantum entanglement connecting everything here with everywhere else.

The Flower of the Woman then, with:
1. the attraction of it's stamen and nectar
2. simply the free will of the woman

can explode ethereal pollen to:

1. other flowers of other women
2. the immediate space of each woman exploding
3. all Creation

through the Water of Life.

If not bees and butterflies, then by what means shall the catalyst act?

The catalyst shall become an action in this realm by encouragement from Earth, Air and Sun.  The final catalyst in this quantum view of an Earth Woman's Flower, would be the trickling of the Water of Life.

The trickling of the Water of Life shall feel to the woman as a butterfly landing (long wished for and realized).   The fluttering shall then also be a catalyst for infinite trickles of the Water of Life starting from the butterfly trickling through the woman's Earthly body, but exploding the ethereal pollen of joy on a route that only the entire ocean of water could know.  The ocean would then send birds, and the birds would inspire thoughts and feelings sent forever and beyond our awareness and perspective.

Channel Queen of Cups
via Eve Featherstone

ethereal - extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.

Symbolism Associated with these concepts:  
cups running over into other cups
eternally flowing fountains recirculating the water from pump to gravity forever
fountains of women pouring water from vases into larger bodies of water

NOTE:  I did not get a name from the source of these concepts.  The Queen of Cups in Tarot is the closest symbol or character which matches this vibration.  It is so all encompassing, it is impossible to isolate it.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

3 Tiers of Awareness - Eve is One

I write from the focused consciousness of EVE, Eve Featherstone, Eve is One, I AM Eve is One, E.L.F. which stands for Evelyn Leona Featherstone

Here are 3 Tiers of Awareness denoted by 3 paragraphs of the same words with progressive degrees of unveiling.

Lonely, Alone, One

lONEly, alONE, ONE


In Tier 1, the fact is you can be lonely, by yourself or with others.
You are drawn to others as a necessity in this belief.

In Tier 2, it is confusing, but the fact is, you are beginning to see.

In Tier 3, you are focused, clearly seeing  ONE, ELF and ELVES.
The rest fades away and does not torment or draw you away from sELF.

When I hear people say I'm lonely, I think, "oh, they haven't learned to be whole in themselves yet".

Music, movies, television encourage the idea that anything but romance or family is to be lonely.

When I see couples either happy or struggling, I think "oh, they haven't learned to be whole in themselves yet".

When I see a couple fighting or suffering within a relationship I think "Oh, they haven't learned they can choose not to suffer and be happy and balanced alone.

There are many negative points of consciousness egging on the belief that you cannot be alone.  Once you are aware of this, it gets easy to stop, identify, release, recover balance.

I didn't always see things this way, but somehow after starting over again and again by myself after splitting up with someone, I became happy with myself.  I just was happy being alone with my own thoughts, ideas, and expressing them to understand them more.  It doesn't matter if anyone gets what I'm writing, although it brings me joy to hear that is does.  It matters that I express what I realize.
That adds to the wallpaper of my space here on Earth.

Until you are patient enough to prioritize yourself and experience what you are like "undiluted', you will find it difficult to escape the beliefs of the Earth's cultures to torment you for not being paired up, or paired up and with family.

What I take away from the 3 Tiers of Awareness, is that you need to get to know yourself (kNOW yoursELF) so you can be whole on Earth.  When you are whole on Earth, you can be balanced, and balance is the platform for being your most undiluted purposeful sELF.

Elves are Earth focused.
One is Cosmic Consciousness.
Be ELF and ONE and sometimes ELVES.  This is a focused balance.

Shed the veils ONE by ONE until you reach the conclusion or REALity that you, without others are not lonely or alone, just more pure and focused.

Joyous is the day you are pure and focused the same alone as you are with others.

I AM Eve is One
via E.L.F.
(Evelyn Leona Featherstone)

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Within my Circle

Within my circle
I am the Queen
Of Crystal Hearts
Safe from projectiles
Of drama and doubt
Safe from the minions
And hired gun's snout

Within my circle
Are others who know
Others who feel my
Design and soft glow

Within my circle
Grows a new world
My mind is the matrix
From which it is sewn

Within my circle
Lies luck with a sigh
Resting and certain
We've formed a sure tie.

-Eve Featherstone

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Ethical Feeding for the New Eden - Eve Is One

NOTE FROM AUTHOR:  I telepathically received this concept module in an instant.  I completely understood it, and recognized it as important.  Writing and offering examples was a more dense experience.  The examples were apparently necessary for some and not obvious to all.  

It is apparently TIME for more purposeful feeding and time is running out for passive feeding habits.

The higher vibrations necessary at this time for ascension-minded individuals cannot be held comfortably without some mindful changes to human habits of feeding passively on unethical offerings by corporations.

-Eve Featherstone

Message for timelines unique to each individual reading this.
Allow these guidelines to help you make choices for continued advancement towards desired range of vibration resonance.
Consider it brought to you from a particular future which could be of your choosing.

Ethical Feeding is a way of life honoring all life, which complies with higher sets of Universal Law and which invites a higher framework of ethics, health and confidence.  This way of feeding is in alignment with kindness and survival.  Free yourself from conflicting, in-congruent behaviors and consumption.  Align with your highest self.  Align with the self which knows infinite kindness and infinite rationale*.

Consume foods which align with the following principals:

Source of this food has freedom of mobility throughout its life. (plants require no mobility for example)
Source of this food has completed its natural lifespan before harvest.  (corn, wheat, nuts, soybeans, etc)
Source retains lifespan after harvest.  (for example: dairy, eggs, vegetables, fruit)

Range of Mobility preserved
Lifespan preserved
Natural integrity preserved (no drugs, GMO, manufactured chemicals)

In general, trees and plants offer their fruits for consumption by insects and animals.

Here are some practical examples of applying these ideas no matter where you currently are in terms of feeding preferences.  If an individual must feed in 3D Matrix illusion in order to survive, higher choices from lower section are available.

Higher Examples in Ascension-Minded, Quantum inclined individuals

EXAMPLE:  When vegetables and fruits are picked, the mother plant continues to produce seed bearing units through its lifespan.

EXAMPLE:  When wheat, corn, soybeans, onions,  are harvested, plant has completed natural lifespan and is brown and dry at harvest.  Prior to that, it is cared for and nurtured.

EXAMPLE:  When gardening, one can harvest some leaves, but not all of the plant, thereby preserving its lifespan.

Lower Examples in 3D Matrix Vibration

EXAMPLE:  A wild hog taken by hunting has preserved its freedom of mobility.  A farm raised hog is held in unethical confinement with lifespan shortened.

EXAMPLE:  Grass fed cattle retain mobility, but beef cattle are confined in unethical concentration with lifespan shortened.

EXAMPLE:  Turkey and chickens are not recommended for feeding because of unethical concentration, unethical transport and extremely short lifespan.

EXAMPLE:  Eggs may be from chickens whose mobility is preserved or from extreme unethical confinement.

EXAMPLE: Dairy applies to only female cattle and males are selected for beef cattle conditions which may be grass fed or unethical concentration.  Female dairy cattle have their lifespans preserved and may be grass fed or held in unethical confinement.  Male calves have short lifespan.

EXAMPLE:  All poultry, cattle and hogs are transported unethically to harvest.

I AM EVE is One
via Eve Featherstone

rationale - a set of reasons or a logical basis for a course of action or a particular belief.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Laurels and Lavish Care - Channel Ara Pella, Andromedan Priestess

As a feather beguiles
The student of physics
So shall your progression
Towards permanent residence
In the realm of your sister-reality
Beguile your tribe of yesterday
Struggling to see what you are
As you struggle to be who you are.

This way of life
Will be like meeting
For the first time
Your family of heroes
Who live grand but noble lives

Shaken from your stuper
Upon waking out of the
Dream of drugery
The kiss of luck and light
Filleth your cups
Full to connect and bathe

Indolence, pleasure and spirit of life
Don't turn away from the light side
Don't be afraid of pleasure, gain, lust or dominion
Over what you created NOW to be taken
The crown to be worn

Ride this parade of winnings
After conquering yourself and
Establishing a flag for the good.

Laurels, lavish care and abundance
Upon your deserving self
My own Dear friend and comrade.

Sister of the Light
Ara Pella
Andromedan Priestess