Friday, January 29, 2016

I Haunted the Gardens

I haunted the gardens
While in body alive
I thought about balance
Essential to thrive

I floated and studied
The plants vs, grass
I floated and studied
Fruits vs. wrath*

I worried and suffered
Inside my own head
Hiding from others
Whose company I dread

I took in the sunshine
I took in the sounds
Waxwings, warblers
Trolley and hounds

Encouraged by hummingbirds
Discouraged by death
Without proper fences
The impure can tread

I'll pack up my turtle
I'll pack up my koi
We'll all move accordingly
Where simplicity buoys.**

-EVE Featherstone

*wrath - strong, stern, or fierce anger; deeply resentful indignation; ire.
**buoys - keep (someone or something) afloat.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Core of Nobility

Ins and outs of stability
Partners devout*
Details irregular
Points to an out

Character fragments
Floating soon up
Glaringly obvious
Patterns abrupt

The signals of change
Too numerous and red
Chart a new path
Intuition has led

Reduced by the fire
Transformed into gold
The Core of Nobility
Remains and is told.

-EVE Featherstone

*devout - totally committed to a cause or belief

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Grand and the Quaint

Precise is not adequate
Details won't do
Life often needs to be
Rounded and pruned

Poetry deals with
Undulations of fate
Poetry deals with
The Grand and the Quaint

Universal truths come down
Simple and pure
Deleting anxiety
Quantum demure

Feelings and follies
Pain and regret
Poetry soothes the
Confusion beset*

Life isn't simple
Life isn't complex
Life needs true poetry's
Grace to reflect

-EVE Featherstone

*beset - 1.(of a problem or difficulty) trouble or threaten persistently.

Monday, January 18, 2016

A Prayer for the Small Towns

The lights on the second floor
In real time glow
Cancelling history
Cancelling woes

The lights on the second floor
Shown onto the street
Passersby notice
Contrast that deletes

The frontier facades
Have seen hopes and dreams fade
Fortunes and bodies
Families and maids

Bare bricks will not cushion
The hardest of lives
The shades were pulled down
Disappointments can't hide

May the Great Plains towns
Offer a simple reward
Attracting angels and
Harmonious landlords.

-Eve Featherstone

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Joy that is Me

Don't wake me I'm dreaming
Of lightness and loft
Of brightness and angels
Of fairies and moths

Don't wake me I'm comfortable
Here in the nest
Fine tuned and balanced
I just want to rest

Oh wait, you've come back for
Especially Me?
You've waited and hovered
You've prepared me to leave?

Oh Beauty! Oh Glory!
I now understand!
I'm perfect and flawless
I've taken your hand!

Acceptance and lovely
Sounds never heard!
Now I see Colors,
Banjos and Birds!

Joy Celebrates Me!
My purpose was true!
My heart is rewarded!
I now don't need words!

Kelly V.o.e.l.k.e.r as Eve Featherstone

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: I wrote this to express the experience of my father passing. Since his death, I have been filled with a joy and power that it would serve no one to hide. If it subsides from my energy field slowly, I will deal with the human experience of it as it comes. If the accounts of love from a father to a daughter have been reconciled with love, then surely I will only be improved and enhanced with the life force he imparted to me to send a final message joy to you all. My Daddy and I are square! (even, completed, satisfied, proud, and free to expand in different realms from now on)

Monday, December 28, 2015

Poem: Rise up, let's go!

My heart says rise up now!
It's time to take flight!
Time to make haste
Do not bother to fight

My heart says "Let's All Go"
"It's safer than here"
"We'll worry about places
to stay when we're near!"

My heart says it's too late
To finish the song
Others will chime in
We must move on!

My heart says the winds up
To offer a lift
Rise up and reach out
We've waited, now shift!

My heart wants a flock of
others who see
Destiny far away
Fleeting* peace here.

Eve Featherstone

*fleeting - lasting for a very short time

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tide of the Sun

In Solitude I long to Be
Sacred, Just Androgyny
Calm now after years of lust
Chasing tiger's wounding thus**

The waves of water's constant rush
Equates emotion's strength to crush
Eventually all that's built
Idealistic structures I too knelt

The gamma rays of sun storms new
Penetrate invisible
Acceptance of the change to what
I consider sexual glut

I much prefer the unseen waves
To those ridden decades as slave
Hoping this is solace won
Directly from The Tides of Sun

Eve Featherstone

*Androgyny is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics.
**Thus - as a consequence

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Poem about the preference of the unseen waves of the sun in contrast to the undulating turbulent waves of water, here symbolizing emotions. The gamma rays are now changing human DNA and I AM ready for this new phase in my education. I will allow the sun to give me a new, glorious state of empowerment.