Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Spirit of Downsizing

With each family comes an end
Comes a time when all amends
Transform through a fire just
All that's left is only what
Really matters and is a must

The reduction of attachments to
Releasing these is much ado*
Knowing once again it's time
Move away, begin to climb

There is no home for busy souls
Who invoke their higher thrones
Still invisible still on Earth
Working beyond one's own turf.

Laugh and join who is now near
Reject others, reject fear
Face the fact you are reborn
Becoming something else...don't mourn.


ado - trouble or difficulty.

Monday, July 6, 2015

FLEEdom to FREEdom

The newest calibration*
of SaLuSa** and damnation
Send us now intuitively
Into emancipation***

For what else and where
Could repair
The earnest lot of
Practical pairings

Screwing into
Boundaries set
Warning ignored
Flee your rent

Owning even temporarily
This newest confine sparingly
Will effect the purest form
Of Expression and Valium*****

(Eve Featherstone) circa July 2015 and after

*calibration - the action or process of calibrating an instrument or experimental readings

**SaLuSa - A Sirian (as in Sirius) point of consciousness channeled most often by Mike Quinsey

***damnation - 1.expressing anger or frustration.

****emancipation - the fact or process of being set free from legal, social, or political restrictions; liberation.

*****Valium - a drug name used here to symbolize an action that will calm, and stop one from worrying

A Recovering Narcissist getting to know hersELF

The umbrella of astrological wisdom knew my destiny for this time before I did. Sputtering and hesitating to know or own anything I've written, acquired in gnosis or created, I struggled with an identity void. I will supply an entry from Cal Garrison to explain this time in detail before proceeding.

"the significance of the cosmic portal that opens during the month of July, is way more important in the long run than any of the short term transits that take place within that window of time. As we traverse the rest of the month, everyone on the planet will be impacted by the rays emanating from the Fixed Star, Sirius, and the relationship between IT, and our Sun.

For the ancients, what is otherwise known as the Heliacal Rising of Sirius marked a period of time when Sirius rose, at dawn, ahead of the Sun. This was an annual thing that according to Egyptian traditions marked the beginning of the New Year – but its significance has always gone much deeper than that.

Whether we are aware of it or not, the month of July opens the space for Mother Earth and Father Sky to come together in an embrace that generates enough heat to re-birth everything in Creation. The next few weeks will be filled with the force that comes to life whenever the Sun, and Sirius, otherwise known as "Our Spiritual Sun" meet at dawn, somewhere on the planet, every year between the last week of June, and the 12th of August. The founding fathers of the United States were so tuned in to both astrology, and to the occult, and so conscious of the fact that they were "birthing" a new nation, that the signing of the Declaration of Independence was actually timed to coincide with the Heliacal Rising of Sirius in Philadelphia PA, on July 4th, 1776." - Cal Garrison


Chaos and confusion continue to arise unexpectedly amid the peace and order of The New Eden I have created and maintained over the last year and a half. I watched a video documentary on Narcissists and it explained the confusion caused by a few of my "oppressors". Then, I realized I was also a recovered Narcissist. I haven't been behaving that much like one lately, but for 35 years, I was textbook.

In the documentary, it is stated that there are 9 layers of Narcissism, but that people have varying "degrees" of the trait. Narcissism in this piece is synonymous with Ego Out of Control. Although I hadn't identified myself with Narcissism before, I was well aware that my ego was thrashed, bashed and sent packing by a series of circumstantial purifications.

Although the ego can create some powerfully efficient solutions, the ego can never bring you peace. The peace I had cultivated was ruined by the feelings of remorse, shame and irritation this knowledge brought to mind or brought BACK to mind. I realized in a profound way how I had caused pain to those who I perceived as "an obstacle" or "resource" over time.

This transformation has been underway for the last year now, and this realization is the flower of the healing and the champagne for the next voyage of wonder I will embark on after tidying this up.

Before the total annihilation of my ego, I involved myself with a couple of first rate male narcissists so I could play the role of the person effected by more narcissism than I could wield. In this role, I served, praised, uplifted and endured their "build up and tear down" style of love. It was an advanced mystery school of patience, desperation, limitation and yet I learned from and benefited from them as hosts also. I once wrote that even the most destructive, non-beneficial weeds will send out a delicate and beautiful flower to attract others to supply them with what they need and perpetuate their existence. This flower then dries up and leaves the pollinators with a thorny, dominating mess to clean up.


I will pray and go into reverent introspective hermit mode to forgive myself for the harm I've done, and to promptly snuff out any further attempts of my own sneaky ego to grow inside me. Maintaining a nebulous identity for now will help.

I will refer to mysELF from now on in my writings as E.L.F. (Evelyn Leona Featherstone) Grounded in Midwestern Mysticism, I will bring into this dimension creative ways to understand, change, and wonder about what it means to BE. Why ON EARTH wouldn't I???
E.L.F. is to symbolize getting to know your Earthly self (sELF) This was gnosis from an Elven spin on the creative matrix.

Thank you for reading this,
Eve Featherstone

Saturday, May 9, 2015

There is no such thing as security. - Eve Featherstone

There is no such thing as security. The only security is the solid reality of self-satisfaction. Cherish the moments of being self satisfied and build your security upon these moments." -Eve Featherstone

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rest Before You Climb Again

In your slow, steady ascent, please allow yourself to rest on the stair landing between staircase sets. You will know when you've reached one of these, as you will have to concentrate on 'consciously acknowledging' the series of changes, shifts and/or closures you've just completed before you begin your new phase(s). You will feel breathless as if you have completed climbing a series of steps, and that you are on the precipice of another set of stairs. When you feel this way, pause until you 'catch your breathe". This is cardio for the heart center, not the physical heart. You are strengthening, stretching, expanding your heart's ability to accept, change, allow and become your newest self.

In thinking about 'stair landings', these pauses may feel like solid 'land' islands in the middle of unfamiliar 4th or 5th density 'water'. Rest here to regain balance, and proceed onward only when you feel rested and solid in your new version or circumstantial atmosphere.

-Eve Featherstone

Friday, April 10, 2015

Square One, Eve Featherstone (aka Evelyn Leona Featherstone (ELF)

My Square One observation
Of mysELF as One who *Gnosis
Tells me I'm imagining
My name and my true station

Silly as it seems now
I can't "keep my place"
In my self-spun novel
In my time and space

Fortune and oversimplified
I have been both polls
Now without a station
I'm the Empress without clothes!

-Evelyn Leona Featherstone (ELF)

*Gnosis is the common Greek noun for knowledge (in the nominative case γνῶσις f.). In Christian, Islamic, or Jewish mysticism, mystery religions and Gnosticism Gnosis generally signifies a spiritual knowledge or "religion of knowledge", in the sense of mystical enlightenment or "insight".

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Spirit of Contemplation, Poem, Eve Featherstone

The Spirit of Contemplation, Albert Toft 1862 - 1949

Pop culture prevents space
Between a human's thoughts
It forbids a moment's rest
Promotes what you've not bought

Compare yourself to others
Smaller though you'll stay
Weaker than the images
Less beautiful and gray

The ancient way of staring
Into space and time
Alone with just your own thoughts
Eyes fixed on grass and vine

Allow yourself the space now
Deliberate your life
Contemplate your place here
Contemplate each bite

The TV's not the answer
A book is not your own
The gym defeats the purpose
Insight is stillness grown

Message not engaging?
Your body reigns will take
Creating a serious illness
So you'll have to take a break.

-Eve Featherstone

The Spirit of Contemplation, Albert Toft 1862 - 1949