Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Will is a Constant

Above what is natural, better or best
Above the two states of sleeping and rest
Occurs situations of amendable tools
Controlled not by effort or rules
The Will is a constant
Refraining at times
Then charging out forcefully
When all matches define.

-Eve Is One

Friday, January 4, 2019

No Permanence Is Promised or True

No permanent reason
No permanent care
No permanent season
No permanent stare
A moment's long standing
In memory afar
The future of oneself
Looks longingly on
Impossible pleading
For permanence fails
No legacy lingers
Past what books insist do
No feeling or cleaning
Stays dutiful to
The one who was feeling
Or doing the cleaning
It is futile but true.

-Eve Is One

Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Undulating Compromise of Truth

The truth is, among family, friends and all the rest of it, we will never know secrets and withheld information from that and those we think we know.

The truth is, from the vantage point of professional veneer,  role playing and each person's fear of being known, we will never know.  We judge each other's state of well being by grooming, promptness and abiding by the rules.  Even rules are obeyed only to make the ever present eyes look elsewhere and not at us.

The truth is, we will never see truth, but feel it occasionally.

We see the world through a thicket of everyone's self protection, and that which hides also blocks the light.

We are confused by pure expression and deceived by the status quo behavior of society.

For both pure joy and pure grief are feared and distrusted.  Each who judges hides their own secret expression of both.

THEE truth is as multi-faceted as the impossibly complex cosmic soup which invisibly binds us together for a short while and bonds us to this visible existence.

THEE truth is mathematically proven by numerical genius and the only external force which loves us may only be gravity which loves our mass, not us.  If the planet loves our mass, who loves our spirit?
We ourselves do, but we cannot even see our own truth through the thicket of conditioning and the hamster wheel of our mind.

So, we don't even know our own truths, and so it is within this silt of misunderstanding everything, that we attempt to form a story line somewhere.  We are grasping at straws with our hands, when the answers appear with our eyes closed and our hearts open.  We are afraid of both, and so will continue making agreements with ourselves and others along the way, hoping to negotiate a compromise.

So this brings us to TRUST and FAITH.  In what or in whom do you have trust and/or faith?

We fear death, and yet death will free our spirit.  Maybe the heart cannot fully open while it is beating.  A physical beating heart maintains an undulating ebb and flow of survival as an Earthen organism.  When the beating heart surrenders, when our mortal eyes close forever, then we will once again become ONE with truth.  Faith and trust will no longer be needed.

I trust and have faith that we have no comprehensive understanding of anything except gravity, night and day.   Of those three, the truth is...we don't understand them, we can only observe them.

The undulating compromise of truth is to seek understanding on the crests and simply observe during the troughs.

-Eve is One

Friday, December 21, 2018

Passive Intent

Into the flow of passive intent
Metals as liquid
Water as flint
Into the desert where
No critics or rage
Shall destroy the balance
The sugar of plain
The succulent beauty is
Simplicity's base
The focused intending
The pureness of face
When duty is banished and
Judgement is hung
Take in the bounty of
Flow which you've won.

-Eve Is One

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Family Members Never Visit or Call

This is one of those concepts which comes through and it feels so simple, but when I go to write it down, it doesn't seem so simple.  Here it goes.

Family members stop visiting parents and attending 
family events to avoid suffering. 
Emails and texts can be maintained, but phone calls and physical visits cause suffering.  
I will list some examples, but you probably already have formulated your own examples.

Here are some reasons not to visit or make a voice call.

The person who has withdrawn suffers when attempting to:

Have a conversation with one or more others in family
Answer typical questions asked by family with acceptable answer
Accept current situation of a particular loved one


Is physically or psychically repulsed by one or more others in family
Feels the rest of the family does not trust or approve of them
Loses energy and well being when in presence of one or more others in family
Feels trapped or restrained for some reason
Feels shame
Does not want to play role of what family has chosen for them

Accept and appreciate those who are calling and visiting, and allow those who aren't to protect themselves from whatever suffering they perceive may happen if they visit or call.

-Eve Featherstone

Thursday, December 13, 2018

You Set the Limits

You set the limits for
How little or how long
You decide principles of
What's right and what's wrong

You dismiss willfully
Any or all
Whose ring disputes your
Tune as it's sung

You are the judge of
Pertinent deals
Separate conditions
With aim to fulfill

-Alpha Centaurians
via Eve Featherstone

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Absolve to Evolve

As I have witnessed
Through tumultuous decades
Emerging from contrast
A simple but free soul
Still harnessed for conflict
I stop and I reflect
Seeing conviction*
Lingering oppression
Myself as the judge
Non-physical torment
Stored input from others
Not my own druthers*
I gave up resistance
To past reflected instances
Below my own standards
I fell below rank
Not in the infantry
Lost on foot
Getting back in the stirrups
Moving past the disturbances
Towards horizons I want to win
To absolve* oneself is too easy
For the rational mind to accept
Hence the suffering many
Cheated from intent.


con·vic·tion - 1. a formal declaration that someone is guilty of a criminal offense
2. a firmly held belief or opinion.

druthers - free will, preference

absolve - set or declare (someone) free from blame, guilt, or responsibility

intent - intention or purpose