Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Channel Sirian Council of 8, Time and Change

Indeed no being or point of consciousness in the Universe feels or calculates time as you do or calculates or feels time at all. Take this into account when you are agonizing about "when" to do something. It makes no difference. You might as well do it now. Any attempt for YOU to orchestrate the timeliness of it is futile. When the impulse strikes for change, implement it now.

We guarantee not even other humans in your care or company are feeling, thinking, calculating time as YOU do. Don't postpone YOUR actions for others, just actualize your will, end what needs to end, adjust and begin your change.

Just go, just book the flight, just separate, just expand, just move, just do, just change. Hesitation and stuttering of will are uncomfortable, incompatible and not in harmony with the flow. We acknowledge the flow is faster than you are used to, but if you lean towards the side of expansion you will more quickly move through uncomfortable phases.

Your discomfort in the area of physics, equilibrium and quick progression of big change is better dealt with by intending to break out of your current skin, exoskeleton, chrysalis, shell. Nothing has ever benefited from a long drawn out birth. Get through the uncomfortable section as quickly as possible. Looking back for comfort is an illusion, because there is no comfort behind you.
The comfort is with you now. You have been gifted all that you have wanted, and you can't see that it is in your possession for use now. Use it, own it, do it, go now.

When you feel frightened or not ready for these changes . . . stop . . . align . . . start again. Repeat as necessary. Do not get stuck in the stuttering of action or thought. Simply stop, take a breathe, align and proceed. Stop, breathe, align, proceed.
Stop, breathe, align, proceed. Even this sequence can be done in a few seconds. We promise.

The Sirian Council of 8
via EVE Featherstone

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Face of a Spider

The face of a spider
I'd rather not see
Why do I avoid
Allowing the image
Of reality freed

Why the aversion?
Why should I deny?
I only know spiders
Have more than two eyes

More than a crab does
More than a fly
Why am I scared to see
How many don't cry?

Emotionless, furry,
Mechanical and fast
Why is this image
I've chosen for last?

I don't want to be forced
To see what is their truth
But spiders don't notice
Their image . . . a TRUCE

I'll give up tomorrow
But I won't look now
I need all day to process
The horror they show

I think I know ET's
So why should I flinch?
May the face of a spider
Be gentler than this?

-EVE Featherstone

NOTE FROM EVE: I was going to find an image of a spider's face, but I don't think it is a good time to do it, I'm just now off to sleep. ;)

Monday, April 21, 2014

I Leave My Body, Poem, Eve Featherstone

I leave my body
Out through the eyes
Down to the ground
To the ants and the flies

I leave my body
Out to the birds
Out to the lizards
And flowers no words

I leave my body
Out into the astral
Listening to chatter
That speaks of disaster

I leave my body
Out into the vehicle
Floating as one with
The traffic and people

I leave my body
To some other place
Not even noticing
The one I'm with's grace

I leave my body
Every down stroke
Every heart vision
Clicks a new spoke

I leave my body
More and more often
Easing in comfortably
Routine forgotten.

Isaiah 29:10 The Lord has brought over you a deep sleep: He has sealed your eyes (prophets) He has covered your heads.(seers*)

seer* - a person who is supposed to be able, through supernatural insight, to see what the future holds.

NOTE FROM EVE: While I was looking for an image for this, I ran across this passage, and I feel it is important to put here, and not entirely sure why. (presumably because my eyes and head has been occluded, but my intuition is still online.

I feel lately, more acute connections all at once to everything even as I am awake and conscious. As a spider is sovereign at the middle of her web, I can feel my connection to everything, and I travel in spirit to each and every thing at once, often going away from the 3 dimensional real time I suppose I am meant to be conscious in. As the spider lays eggs, so can I feel myself hatching in other places at the same time I AM in real time. The replication of consciousness in real time. Amazing.

From an earlier definition of Faith, "eyes closed, mouth shut"

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wind in the Mane

I contact a memory and
My heart is stung,
With pain of a longing
With pain of "it's done"
What is this pain after?
What does it want?
I can't replace any of
That which has clung
Onto my heart's favorite
Songs to hear sung

The love that is severed
By sudden strong change
Companions and lovers
Seem to be in this range
Of particular stubborn
Chords of sweet notes
Struck by these memories
By my feet I am hung.

Sentiments written
Images shown
Please free me from wanting
To freedom what's flown.
New starts and cycles
Death and rebirth
Leaves me in wonder
What tightens the girth*
Of that which won't leave us
That which has tamed
That which has kept us
From wind in the mane**.

girth - a band attached to a saddle, used to secure it on a horse by being fastened around its belly.

mane - long and heavy hair growing about the neck and head of some mammals (as horses and lions)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dead Wood and the Serpent

Between the withered harvest and the blooming of tomorrow's harvest lies the serpent within the dead wood. Clear the dead wood, feed the serpent in the NOW and the future of now will be written perfectly ahead of you to your liking. Anxiety of the withered harvest or the obsession with future harvests will leave you on the bad side of the serpent. Pay attention. The serpent is your teacher, simply clear the dead wood out of your life, your mind, your heart and be sovereign in the Now. Look into the waxy face of the serpent, and fear not. Learn, accept and step forth with gratitude. - Eve Featherstone

The Eye of the Needle

Friends, as the eye of the needle approaches, you "can't take it with you". Let go . . . let go of what you attach your identity to, let go of all the secret sides of you reserved for fierceness, and instead remain with the perfect intellect, the perfect grace that holds you stable in the last of the 3rd dimension. 4th density is here. It is seen, it is felt, and you are dreaming your way over the threshold. You can't take "it" with you when you go, what ever "it" is to you, my friend. Unload your baggage and crawl through the eye of the needle on your knees. -Eve Featherstone

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sex Drive, Gambling and the Search for Control

The symbol of creation the Flower of Life: a beautiful symbol consisting of a six (hex) petal "flower" figure which repeats to infinity, and has ancient as well as cosmic significance.

Humans intend to make up for their loss of magic, and an emptiness within; an unknown factor, a loss of power, a loss of control over matter, "luck" and the unknown nature of love. This lost 'power' or ability to predict and control routinely drives humans towards many unknown ends. It drives them down unknown paths, and drives them against wisdom, against their own consciousness and rational mind. It drives, it holds a whip over the logical direction of days.

Why then is this? The drive in the middle of lust, the drive in the middle of sex, the drive in the middle of gambling, the drive in the middle of games and sport. What then is this drive?

It is the expulsion or launching of a wish to control the outcome, create gain, create pleasure, create create create.

It is also unarguably, an insatiable pursuit. The human is never left satisfied, never left in peace, never left with anything except repeated defeat, loss, disappointment, no more answers than he/she started with. So then what?

Realize this: On a subconscious level, humans are driven to have sex and play games to get answers, or an answer. The answer/answers to burning questions of why? The emptiness of why? Pounding away at the truth, looking in others for the truth, looking to games and their mathematics over skill and luck ratios. Why?

Answer: The great unknown of existence. There is no control over consequences or others. There is creation, however, and so be conscious of creating something good with all your drive, be conscious my dear friends. When conscious, you will not be asking as much as you are receiving answers directly, and with this, you have no emptiness. The sex and the games will be played for the fun and joy of being in the physical world, and the frustration will disappear with the desire to control. Create without control, dear friends. Create without control.

In and with love,
Angels of Dominion,
via Eve Featherstone