Thursday, August 15, 2019

I'm a Fountain and a Well

I'm a fountain and a well
Will you allow yourself
To get wet attempting to access
What you know you need?

Will you know the right time
Easily to proceed?
What would you fear
From a Soul in this sphere?

Is it's source to be known?
Or is it's truth to be scorned?
I do not explain or refrain
From any and all perspectives

For when it's your time
To be included in the solutions
Which are not seen but felt
Will you treat yourself
To effortless resolution
Relieving the tension
Of chronic misdirection?

Just this once
Believe for a second
Ease can be purity
You can become pure again
Leaving behind
All that you are not.

I Am Eve is One

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

In a Daily Way, Channel Master Kuthumi

In the chariot of Earth's progression
Two horses pull her
One horse pulls a wretched disconnected lot
One horse pulls those who sew threads of spirit
The spiritual passenger does not see the other
But reads and hears about the laments
Of those passengers unseen but loudly
Broadcasting their sorrows and filth.

The disconnected passengers do not see the other
But hear about the ridiculous leaders weak in optimism
Knowing only the strength of the weapon
Using also words and money to distance
Feeding on their supremacy over others
With no feelings but only connected to winning
Or attaining vengeance even only through
Venting in self destructive behaviors of their own.

I will sweep you from this dream of opposites
Reminding you of your right to stay in your lane
Allow the other passengers to go their separate way
Seek out your fellow passengers connected to spirit
Who in a daily way live their beliefs
Who in a daily way make choices to benefit the future
Who in a daily way support each other as a reminder
The passengers have already split
Turn off the news of the others
In a daily way update each other on tiny miracles
Grand changes and new ideas.

Channel Master Kuthumi
via Eve Featherstone

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Sky Lights

I've been meaning to install some sky lights
In the roof of your darkened facade
I've been meaning to tell you it's time now
To deliver what you've set aside

Your secret and valuable asset
Is the craft which hasn't fit in
You'll diminish yourself if you don't show
The brilliance of what you could bring in

If you were broadcasting 100% of
Your unique consciousness brew
The disguises would fall on the floor, love
And you'd dance with benevolent clues.

The Sirius Guardianship
via EVE Featherstone

Monday, July 29, 2019

Sexuality is a Mystery School

Sexuality is a mystery school we all enter into and emerge from. When asked about it, the responses are vastly different based upon the perspective of before, during or after this decades-long altered state of motives and desires. -Eve Featherstone

Monday, May 6, 2019

A Well Deserved Destination, Channel Sirian Council of 8

Good day, and thank you for dropping in to our reality.  We are the Sirian Council of 8, and we have worked with Eve in the past.  We wish to introduce a new concept to any who read here.

For practical purposes, let's imagine you are on a vacation with fun friends to a tropical destination far more "human friendly" than where you live on Earth.  You chat and catch up with friends during the uneventful shuttle ride, unable to follow your route, but not paying any attention.  You suddenly realize you have arrived, but are still finishing up some fun conversations.  When the sliding doors open, you are at the top of about 20 shallow stairs, which gradually lead to a reception area, where there are others already mingling and enjoying refreshments to celebrate your arrival.

You stop short of your next step, when you look down the stairs and out the many large windows.  These windows look like large Aquarium windows at zoos you have been to.  Through the windows, you see what appears to be many humans enjoying activities you would experience on a beach.  They are playing, swimming, interacting, and they are under water, yet they behave as though they are on a beach.

Without understanding what you are seeing, you feel their joy as if it is your own, and your face becomes hot and full of pressure, until your eyes release many tears and you weep with happiness and joy.  It is if you are witnessing a happy outcome that you never knew existed, and this destination is so beautiful you cannot stop weeping, and you are still standing at the top of the stairs observing it.  You are here, and you will soon learn how to enjoy yourself as well, in this new tropical destination.

For now, enjoy the emotional release, enjoy the upgrade that the joy brings, and know you are in this level of understanding because you have dreamed this, and now it is here.  Feel free to visit anytime.

Your cruise directors,
The Sirian Council of 8
via Eve Featherstone

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Messengers Coming to All

What to think when a messenger of Light comes to those in a different geographic area than you, but you can feel it anyway.  You can almost see it with your mind's eye.  When others are visited by this messenger, and you are in your dream or vision, remain sure of your conviction; this is an interconnected plane of existence. 

Today you know, you own, you rest on a long sought after destination.  Be with yourself softly today.  Keep other people to a minimum. 

Intended for dispersal,
Channel Essassani Collective
via Eve Featherstone

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Opposite of Back Stabbed

If you've been back stabbed
During lifetimes on end
If you've made bargains
In sleep with the dark
Don't worry, entertain this
Even for a lark*

Goodness and light
Can come fast from behind
When your judgmental eyes
Are otherwise inclined

Benevolent beings
Non-physical healers
Diffuse the tangles
In the nervous domain
Restarting your default
Settings and clear
You out for new charges
A second chance life
No need to start over
Just proceed as anew
Without the old baggage
Without the snafus**

-I AM Eve is One

* lark - something done for fun, especially something mischievous or daring; an amusing adventure or escapade.

**snafus - a confused or chaotic state; a mess.