Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cheat Sheet to Existence, Eve Featherstone, I AM EVE IS ONE

Solid Gold Cobra from King Tut's Tomb

This has been a fun ride until now, when you're about to go into the dark tunnel that's supposed to be "fun". You will be shown many images here. They too are supposed to be fun, glamorous, sexy, and smart. These are the images that aren't real. They are advertisements straight from the "old ways". They are desperately trying to sell you something one last time, but you are invited now to see them for what they are. Re-branding of old, outdated tools to initiate and then trap the human souls in a lifetime of insanity, sexual disfunction, dissatisfaction, and of course addiction.

I've decided to provide you with a cheat sheet to use, even if you haven't put it all together from previous written material on my blog.


1. Evil, Dark, Satanic, Vamp material and imagery is NOT smart, NOT sexy, NOT cool, NOT in everyone, NOT powerful.

2. Evil, Dark, Satanic, Vamp material IS old, outdated, powerless, impotent, SICKening, desperate, funny

3. Evil, Dark, Satanic, Vamp material comes from old, impotent, talentless, helpless men who aren't capable of doing anything for themselves except use others as tools to create, educate, enforce, and build that which imposes their will on the world. They are puny, hilarious, pathetic, mutated units of humanity who seek to prey on any young healthy human unit they can capture the attention of.


Here is the final gift to all of humanity in case you missed it in earlier material. It will satisfy, entertain, encourage, liberate, reform, reset, rearrange, resurrect, reformat all of humanity if given the chance to replicate its natural roots in the heart and psyche*.


"The Mystery of Faith is the Erotic Nature of Goodness" - Eve Featherstone, I AM EVE IS ONE

You may substitute goodness with the following words to fine tune to your own principles of ease and acceptance: Christ, God, Creation, The Universe.

psyche - he human soul, mind, or spirit.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Nobility of Mobility

The nobility of mobility
Frequent and strong
Moving as one with
Seeds you'd once sown

Showing up later
As perfect solutions
No recollection
Of Earth's revolution

Unending thoughts
Produce unending change
Formal induction*
To all in your range

Your range of allowing
Your range once perceived
Your range once was something
You wanted to believe.

-Eve Featherstone

*induction - 1. the action or process of inducting someone to a position or organization.
2. the process or action of bringing about or giving rise to something.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Years Since Then Spent, Eve Featherstone

A reservoir waiting
Behind a stone wall
No gate to open
Access too tall

I awakened to find
A key at my door
A few lines heartfelt
Love and some more

A happy ending
To a sad long time had
I shared this path too
The news made me glad!

She said my words lingered
She said they came true
She said she was happy
Just out of the blue

I could see this was pure
I could see it for real
I could see in myself
My timeline's contrail*

Pictures of beauty
Pictures of friends
Pictures of pets lives
Different homes then

Tears came out forceful
In intervals pent**
Thinking how I love
Years since then spent.

*contrail - a trail of condensed water from an aircraft or rocket at high altitude, seen as a white streak against the sky.

**pent - pent up -closely confined or held back.
"pent-up frustrations" synonyms: repressed, suppressed, stifled, smothered, restrained, confined, bottled up, held in/back, unvented, kept in check, curbed, bridled

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A.I.R. - Vehicle to Balance and Peace, Channel Chief White Cloud

In order to provide a material, Earthly vehicle to peace and in order to adjust imbalances as they arise, heed these words: The element of AIR or A.I.R. in this case, is your key to balance and peace.

A. - Action

I. - Intention

R. - Response


Taking action only when the other two components of this equation are optimal. (Intention and Response) Do not take action when you are out of balance.

INTENTION: Take a moment to answer honestly the questions:
1. Why am I doing this?
2. Am I seeing someone or something as a REsource or Source
3. Am I acting or REacting out of fear?

RESPONSE: Respond, do not react.

Practice responding to shift and change rather than reacting. Celebrate shift and joy which arrives without effort, no matter what it means to you.

When you have calibrated, aligned and tuned all three, then you will feel peace, and your will can be REALized.

-Chief White Cloud
via Eve Featherstone

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tears Fall from Grace

Beholding a field mouse taken aside
Put in a bucket he struggled to hide
I gaze down upon his holding-cell nigh
He was guilty of plundering newspaper by
Shredding the waste of the people inside

As his mood and manner were filled with grace
Dexterous and clean with an inquisitive face
Left only with fragments of a nest for to frame
His nearing relocated home farther away
Into the wilder fields, near water we waste

My eyes fill with tears when I think of his plight
How will he fare with the snakes in the night?
I'll never know why mice trigger tears
I could sob as a response but this I would fear
Isn't accepted, so I'll refrain
I'll just set him free to nest once again.

EVE Featherstone

This poem was an attempt by me to sort out why mice always cause a tearful reaction for me. I absolutely feel like sobbing on the spot, due to their sweetness and grace. When I watch the care and detail they apply to all their little tasks, it makes me sad to recall common responses by most humans I have witnessed in their presence.

This mouse was captured in his nest, fat from the food crumbs scattered about from missing the trash can over time, and living in boxes, which have needed to be cleaned out. His new home would be out by the flowers in the greenhouses and field. I put him in a safe tangle of weeds which we did clear promptly in our attempts to keep order, and nearby to a hydrant which drips constantly from the well. Technically this well water is wasted, but the honey bees, and now this mouse will make good use of it.

This article outlines how humans blame mice for all kinds of atrocities, when in fact mice are a signal to clean up your act. Symbolic Meaning of Mice

Thursday, August 21, 2014

De-Bug Your Code

In reflecting to others an image closely matching what you truly are, you embody a fortress of self protection. No one can turn you on yourself, or expose you to others if there are no surprises and nothing hidden that would surprise anyone. Seek to become that which is the same when turned inside out. Seek the company of others who repeat the same unique color patterns all the way through. You, as individual points of consciousness, are unique codes or patterns of color and vibration. Murkiness is not compatible with this self-sustaining, ever-bubbling of conscious expression.
Churn on, express on, and allow all that isn't in vibration to yield its pattern, thereby disappearing from your field. -EVE Featherstone

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Under the Table

From the Devil's point of view
You're not above the table
Underneath the surface
You are willing but not able

Underneath the table is
Behavior hidden from
Niceties of social norms
The Devil says "ho hum"

Discarded gum and restless feet
Dogs and cats ignored
Gas and indigestion
Betray the feast we gorged

If the equation is a table
We are seated at as scores
The common denominator is
Not above the board.

-EVE Featherstone

-nicety - a minor aspect of polite social behavior; a detail of etiquette
-discard - get rid of (someone or something) as no longer useful or desirable