Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Channeled Poem, The Cream 4-13-2011

The gifts keep comin'
around the clock,
and I struggle to
judge them as if they were not,
meant to be all the things
I've ever thought of,
the hairs width difference
of better and best,
leaves me with no choice
but to lay down with jest,
my ever so persistent
ancient hope chest.

For these things are newer
and they are far purer,
but even in cream
there are some that are truer,
to rise above clearly,
and pass every test,
they're far more witty,
and end quick the quest,
for something that satisfies,
something that holds,
the answers to questions,
which never were told,
but held in the biggest rock
for just the right day,
and just the right person,
in joy I will spray,
the message is just this,
you just never know,
when your best hand's
been dealt to you,
it's wise to not show.

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