Saturday, May 28, 2011

Channel, Galaxy Star People 011, 5-28-2011, To EVE

Hello dear one, we are the Galaxy Star People Zero One One, here to greet you for the first time.  We are beings which are indeed light beings, but we are in your dimension for some intergalactic twinkling.  We do attempt to communicate with you via twinkling lights, and as we did the other night, we had a showing of our underwater class crafts in the area of La Jolla Cove.  It is interesting to note, that you were in disbelief, but yet you were held there in belief, weren't you?  (smiling)  We do have bodies, and we do possess physical trappings to help us in dealing with your dimension.  Your mind continues to ponder the details, but this is in vain.  Just allow the concept of the reality of first contact.  You were introduced in this benign way to us, and there will be more.  We won't be able to show you yet, but will keep you in our loop, unexpectedly, as we never can predict the everyday happenings on your world, but we allow the order and perfection and are ready to expose our presence here to you in many ways, as we already have to you personally several times.  You were correct in assuming ET presence in these sightings which could have been interpreted in a more 3D way, but your heart and extrasensory abilities have been fully activated, and you are practicing the use of these new abilities.  As you practice, the stronger they will be, and they will become second nature, as the beginning of them is already second nature to you.

Your family experience was meant to reveal your disconnection from 3D, and your ability to exist more easily in a realm that is closer to ours than the one in which you grew up in.  It is the way we differentiate your present progress from your learned 3D processes.  You have rejected all that is not in your spirit's highest calling.  The dense is not and never has been your area of comfort.  It made you feel helpless.  Now, however you have regained your ease of being, and we will help to further process its effects.  Go on healing and being and feeling your way through this ever shifting situation.  You are safe, supported, and monitored for your own highest good.  Your meditation experiences are showing you the lightness and effortless way in which you will be living or existing with the higher realms.  Be patient, and trust as you do, dear one.  We are bidding you now a short good bye, as you head into your magical weekend with like minded souls.  Good day.

Galaxy Star People Zero One One

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