Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Channel, Pleiadian Council of Nine on Sexuality, 6-28-2011

Hello dear one.  We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine, here to answer questions we see being asked by you.

We see you asking questions about sexuality, as you are breaking through these ceilings of resistance faster than ever.  We say to you, in this time of confusion, that you are really only in an art gallery of images where sexuality is concerned.  You see images which you like and those which you don't.  You see beautiful images, and images that are not beautiful to you at all.  You may someday like these images, and someday not.

Blindfolding is something that has come up recently as a tool for shutting off your ego, and therefore shutting off judgement.  This is useful, particularly as you now realize the fact that people ARE sexually much different experiences in comparison to what they LOOK like.  Your learned judgments of people are useless in the realm of sacred sexuality, as in this realm you are dealing with people on a soul to soul level.  We understand there is chemistry also, but you may have chemistry with a far different person than you would expect.  This is a different plane of sexuality.  You have ascended, obviously, because things are different now.

Vibration is another topic which has come up for you.  You are now seeing that vibration is key in sexuality.  If you are vibrating at a high level and your mate is not, they will not be stimulating to you anymore, even if they LOOK like they would or should.  Your mind will begin seeking, being open to new forms of love and sexuality with different people.  Normally, you would feel guilt or shame about this, but as your bonds with people dissolve, and we stress the fact that you can encourage these bonds to dissolve.  What's more, if you have no contracts holding you to people, these bonds can dissolve easily and naturally without hard feelings.  There will be some false hopes realized, but you will outgrow the connection or it will no longer make you feel good, similar to how one takes perfectly good clothing to charities to be newly appreciated by another.  You are not meant to hang on to things or situations forever in one state.  They can morph into friendships in time, but you must first allow the dissolved bonds to stay dissolved, as they have a tendency to regenerate, even if only one person wants this.

Vibration in an observable sense, can raise a woman's arousal up from nothing.  It in essence raises the vibration of part of her body instantly almost, and the rest of her follows it up, but if she as a whole is of a lower vibration, when the high vibration is expressed, and the feeling is over, she will feel diminished and even lower.  It is much better to build ones self up spiritually to a higher vibration through association with vital people, activities, vital foods and joy.  If you pair these things with ultimate relaxation and eliminate "worrying" and fear, you will have naturally occurring arousal over anything from a gentle breeze to seeing pollen on a flower.  It will not take much to trigger this natural state of sexuality.  It will be unstoppable, and you can hold it and choose to enjoy or express it with sacred intention.

We don't mean to trivialize sexuality by referring to it as an outfit that either does or doesn't make you feel great, but it actually is very simple like this.  Allow yourself to browse people as you would clothing, and don't buy because you aren't feeling good.  Buy because they are the most beautiful thing you have ever seen, and they are "you".  Don't be afraid to recycle, reclaim, and re-choose.  This is the dynamic and movement of life. These movements aren't to say you will end contact forever, but this movement creates freshness and health.

Allow, allow, allow.  Cleanse yourself emotionally and spiritually.  Sometimes these cleanings are painful and arduous for awhile, but quickly show you a portal of freedom and freshness which was forgotten.  Hidden in responsibility, duty, what others think.

The divine feminine, Gaia, and loss of ego are very important here.  Coming from a heart space in any relationship or encounter is paramount.  No posturing.  No games.  No leading, manipulating or guise.  Simply identify a soul you think is unique and beautiful, and express the feeling you have about them, TO them.  This is all it takes, and it is authentic.  Openly admire, radiate the joy they bring to you effortlessly, and watch it reciprocate and multiply.  Yes, multiply.  Allow multiples of that which you find joyful.  Don't make promises which are ownership based, and stick to them.  Be free, stay free, love free.

This is sufficient food for thought, my lovely seekers.

Good day,
Pleadian Council of Nine
Through EVE

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