Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Channeled Poem, Jupiter Breathing, June 1, 2011

While sitting in pose, at utmost attention,
I smile to think how, my life's great intention,
Has been spun between straight rows and looped through the knots,
Of Jupiter breathing and time's diffused spots.
Just in the right tempo, just in the right climate,
Of serene temperature spikes and cool, long lulls.

The temper of wisdom is much not what nulls,
The chillier aspects of seclusion and wan,
between lovers always is just after dawn,
Of long term intentions and perpetual sun,
of photographs taken and stories half done.
The mind and the heart bear such differing sight,
And limbs of upset storms spell clouds and the fight,
That freedom must interject into the calm,
and set the whole story straight, horizons new spawn.


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