Thursday, July 28, 2011

Channel, Embodied Light Beings, 7-28-2011

Returning to Oneness from chaos and now, gleefully borrowing stories from knights, fairies, angels and magical tales of triumph over ego, triumph over competition, triumph over worry, triumph over judgement.

Good day.  We wish to speak with you today as a new age begins for those on the forefront of the advancement of light and Oneness.  You warriors of light, you angels of kindness and purity.  We are the embodied energies of the Christ, Buddha, Deities of Ancient civilizations, and a myriad of light beings from everywhere, every dimension.  We are unified, strong and organized for this moment.  We will lower our understanding and direction over you as a layer of universal knowledge which will bisect your physicality and boost your life-force directly.

Today we have a simple practice task for you.  As you are driving today, practice the art of allowing and the art of flexible pace, space and time.  Forbid yourself the pattern of hostile thoughts and words for your fellow drivers.  You are all one.  All doing the best you can.  All going somewhere, on your way, wanting no trouble, seeking direction, seeking landmarks.  You are all at different vibrations though, but you share the roadways.

Please realize each time you project insults, sarcastic statements, frustration, you are contaminating the energy of society, and worse, you are being verbally and energetically abusive to those who trust you and are passengers of your vehicle.  We realize you aren't acting as yourselves, but are simply acting out old patterns you yourself were subjected to over and over again.  Consider traffic, your society, your cities, your communities as your 3D collective.  Immerse yourself with energy, alertness and ease into the plasma of moving yourselves about.  Project understanding and allowance.  Banish covert and overt hostility and recognize it for the insanity that it is.  Be aware, change your patterns, feel the shift.


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