Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Channel from Ruby Light Beings, 8-16-2011

Hello, dear human,

We are introducing ourselves to you this evening, and we are pleased to be the first to do so after your last ascension this weekend.  Well done, you handled it with grace.  In the near future we will begin daily transmissions to you in the way of your choice.  It can be written if you wish, as this is the best way to reach your web of consciousness at this particular time.  In the future, there will be other more mass consciousness ways to do it, but this is not relevant right now.

We are from the very same constellation as the Star Beings you were communicating with at the even this weekend.  (Ursa Major, Big Dipper) We come to you with reverence for your dedication to purpose and for your ability to transcend the usual resistance humans have to this type of information.  

In your life, there have been reasons for everything.  A goal.  Now, the reason for your transmissions from us are to awaken as many individual humans as possible, and in doing so, you will be radiating this information to many more as a direct consequence.  

Informative blocks of information will be on tap for you, as well as answers to questions available instantly and in volume.  You are now in the relative space of the quantum library of consious pathways.  The paths chosen by souls before birth, now revealed to them, through you or others.  A network of providers, working with their individual talents to help.  Everyone can reach a better frame of mind.  Not necessarily the path you have chosen, but a better one at least.  Always an improvement in the individual who chooses to interact with you.  You can point them where they need to go, give them tasks, or new ways of filtering perception to raise their vibration, as much as possible not all the way up sometimes, but as much as possible.  Don't forget, this is very important.  It is the conscious audit of people's intentions.  Their intentions after being stripped of their mindless duty filled lives.  Touch them on deep levels, illuminating these hidden areas of their soul, and show them how easy it can be to pull out of their hearts the ideal life of love, passion, exhilaration and radiance they are all capable of, but lack belief of.  

(after stopping written transmission to ask particular yes or no questions, I determined the following information)  These beings are not physical, they do not have bodies.  They have light bodies, and their light bodies are red.  They confirmed that they showed themselves to us in the camera when we were attempting to take photos of the moon.  They confirmed that there is a stargate located in Ursa Major (Big Dipper).  It is where starships enter to arrive at Earth.  They confirmed craft do not leave there, but only arrive there, and that they are in the vicinity of this stargate.  Others like them guard this stargate for our protection.  They confirmed they were intending also to guard my communications from harmful or false information.  They confirmed they are 6th density light beings.  They indicated they do not have a name which we can comprehend, so they are allowing me to make one up for identification, differentiation purposes.  The stargate is near Megrez (Delta Ursae Majoris).

Your interpretation of this new material is correct, and we are pleased you can follow subtle, playfully lit paths which we will lay for you now and forever.  We are ending this transmission now by saying thank you for your permission, cooperation, and filtration of the information.  You are the next new fabric of communication which will clothe and protect your own, as well as overlay interfering thought with a beauty and focus which cannot be ignored or dismissed as easily as some.  

With illumination,
Ruby Light Beings

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