Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Channel from White Cloud via EVE, Differing Alien Species and their Interaction with Earth, 8-3-2011

Hello Dear One,
To clarify questions regarding other beings who may interact on your Earth's plane, into 3D, or who enter by extra-dimensional means through telepathy.

This is Chief White Cloud, Eve's primary guide.  I am an ascended master, and I have shared a lifetime with Eve before as her husband when we were Midwest Native Americans of the Ioway Tribe.  I am now non-physical, and I am also what you would refer to as an ascended master.  While on Earth as a Chief, I attempted to make a peaceful transition between the ways of the Native People of the plains and the US military and the US government.  I now am a prime facilitator of the peaceful transition between ET species and the people of Earth.

There are widely varying accounts of alien species regarding their intentions (good, bad, indifferent) which leaves those interested feeling confused and feeling as though some of these people must not be telling the truth.  Of all those accounts that are based on true belief and experience, I can tell you they are all true, because you see the Universe is governed by what you call the Laws of Attraction.

Whatever your vibration, and whatever level of openness your pineal (third eye) and crown chakra have, you will be privy to the communication of beings who fall into the range of vibration that you do, that you are "tuned in" to.  The lower the vibration, the more fear and duality are present in the body of information and in the concepts.  The higher the vibration, the more love, the more beauty, kindness, peace and ease of acceptance are present.   The lower the vibration the more struggle there is.  The higher the vibration the more ease, allowing, effortless smooth existence, joy and happiness there is.

Duality in this essay is defined as theatrical good vs bad.  LOW:  fear, war, fighting to keep what you have, sense of scarcity, hoarding, defense vs. HIGH:  improving the health of the Earth, yoga, kindness, spiritual development, the desire to improve oneself from the inside out and to radiate to the web of consciousness in groups or via internet.  As I've indicated before, there are also infinite degrees of both in between.

There are infinite degrees of vibration from low to high, and an infinite variety of physical and non-physical beings to connect with.   Those beings who choose to perpetuate duality come in an infinite variety, physical and non-physical.  Those beings who work for the Light, are benevolent and dedicate themselves to assisting others.  These advanced civilizations and species have learned over more time than we can imagine, the ways of duality and have chosen the Light instead.  These beings are also infinite in variety, from physical to non-physical.  There are both polarities and a spectrum in between among each species as well.

On your Earth, at anytime, you could make a choice to either see the most odious images and happenings or the most heartfelt, kind and beautiful ecstatic images and happenings, as well as everything in between.  Heaven and Hell are on Earth right now, and you can choose which you want to experience.  There are many truths to any situation, and you may allow yourself to choose the one which makes you feel the best.  Why would you not do this?

By choosing to see the best possible truths to each situation, step by tiny step you will raise your vibration, and your chronic vibration will continually raise even as you roller coaster from time to time getting your balance in all of this.  Do you see this?

Look around you right now and you will notice that which pleases you and that which could use improvement.  Focus right now with all of your energy on the animal, child, husband, wife, fish, singing bird, delicious food, or whatever is in your midst, and feel your vibration raise.  Feel peace and well being sweep over you.  Allow yourself to stop the judgement of what should be improved in your life right now, and choose to accept it fully.  As you do this for awhile, then start making decisions about what and whom you do and don't want in your vibration.  Make only the choices your next version would make.  Create your new reality now.

Soon the Earth will split off into infinite dimensions of itself.  It is important now for you to choose higher and higher vibration behaviors, actions and choices.   If you choose a reality in which alien races and the divine realms are unified in purpose and working together to awaken as many as possible, to raise the vibration of as many as possible to spin off into the Light and Love based version of Earth, you will have just that.  In fact, no matter what your beliefs or vibration, you will get almost exactly what you expect, and people, situations and differing vibration experiences will simply disappear and go to the appropriate dimension.  Basically, people will simply find themselves with like minded people more and more.  Their new age will consist of what their strongest beliefs are, and this vibration will attract more of the same.  It is the law you see.

I thank you for the opportunity to communicate with you in this way.  With the intention of informing, guiding and supporting,

Chief White Cloud, Ascended Master in the non-physical realm,
via EVE

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