Monday, September 12, 2011

Channel, Arcturian Representative, Daria, 9-12-2011

Finishing your sentences, filling in the context, finite answers to infinite questions, and illustrations of that which you feel you need, and so in doing KNOW you need, right NOW.  

Hello, dear one, this is Daria, and I have been in contact with your friends and you for some time now.  This is the first written channel through you, and it is happening now because of your super high definition vibration.  You allowed yourself to be raised even higher, and here you are.

This vibration you are currently in is the highest most on Earth can achieve.  It feels like being in love, and so therefore, those who could be fallen in love with are drawn to this vibration, as they are a match to this you see.  Pick your coexisting humans, who are ripe for blossoming now.  You are intuitively knowing this, and yet these individuals still may opt for a lessor vibration when contacted by you.  Allow this, and bow down to the magic and effortless sorting and organization of all humans to their appropriate vibrations and coming dimension shift.

This is easy, and you may retain your position without fail, as you are only approached with similar ranges of vibration as your own currently is.  Your current gift allows you to remain at this high vibration until it is your new default.  At this time, shift may occur, or your vibration may rocket out of sight, propelling those closest to you with it!  Some are scared of this ride, but they don't realize it is sacred, hence your pet phrase; sacred, not scared.

Appealing to your highest connections and refining your ability to see through the obvious duality plays and mismatches of perception are child's play for you now.  It won't take even the most fractional toll on you, as the differentiation is so slight, yet obvious.

Feel as though you were involved in the most exciting virtual game in the cosmos, for indeed you are!  Play your role with precision and accuracy, and then deem appropriate measures of 3D action to broadcast it.  We are following all of this very closely, as we are indeed WITH you and your friends more and more now.  EnJOY each other more than you ever have, for the true magic is about to take place, and you will all be in this state of being in love with your life, and radiating this to as many as possible without effort.

When you, as a human, utter a noise, it doesn't take any effort for the noise to reach those within range of the noise.  So too is the parallel of what we are saying here with your fundamental vibration.  You need take no action what-so-ever for this beautiful crystalline intention to reach those who are vibrationally in range, and this knows no geographical limits.  It is an instantaneous network of consciousness.  Have fun playing with your new refined abilities, and enJOY the big gift you just received without hesitation or pause.  It is the summer of life.

I will continue to be with you and encouraging your practice and expansion of Earthly activities which are "alien" to us, yet valuable to observe and taste through you.  You are a capable player in these realms, and we look forward to more laughter, love and joyous sacred adventures mixed with pure play!

Beside, within, and around you always,
Daria, Arcturian Representative for New Earth 2011
via EVE Featherstone

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