Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Channel, New Sexuality, Chief White Cloud, "Stop Owning", 9-28-2011

We observe, we tune into our Earthly host as she drops in new, received modules of understanding and new paradigms. We observe, we tune into our Earthly host as she crosses the surface tension necessary to implement the new paradigms into her Earthly, cultural, romantic, social, 3D existence and we marvel at the pain which is plucked like a sour note in her heart as she recalls past experiences, understands higher truth, and carefully installs the working prototype into her pool of acquaintances. 

We also observe the connection she has to Source, her guides (we, who as beings of Light, are anxiously awaiting the fruits of these germinating seeds) and her trust, faith and "knowing" about this and its importance in her joyful, free life.  She has a knowing, regarding the effects it will have on others who observe tentatively as she carefully makes precision choices and decisions based upon higher truth as opposed to conventional wisdom.  It is this newly coined "Cosmic Wisdom" which is your new technology, your new support, your new excitement, your new fuel for expansion and promise of a new reality.

Because you are "all in this together", you can now stop owning, stop controlling, and start allowing, start accepting, start sharing, start radiating true freedom, joy and the resulting new breed of honesty, trust and kindness will melt any and all fears.  Breathe, ride the roughness, trust us, be patient, and really love those around you enough to hold space for their true happiness, freedom and perception of multiple facets of unconditional love, play and expansion.

Forever yours,
Chief White Cloud
Ascended Master
Chief Guide of Hosting Channel
via Eve Featherstone

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