Saturday, September 10, 2011

Channeled poem, Awash in Love, 9-10-2011

This feeling, this wisdom, this joy in my heart
is coming from places straight out of the dark.
The waves of pure pleasure,
the stroke of pure love,
the soaking in ecstasy throat arched to hum
the ancient low tempo of root chakra down
nourishing all under consciousness drown,
in slow, lapping washes of intention and held
firmly in warmth the thirst never quelled,
for this is the default vibration of us,
and through it and to it we feel it as plush,
as luxury feelings, as magic rare too,
but none of it has to be gone from in you.
Hold it and reside there before during and aft,
and let this vibration impale you as shaft
buoyed, fed and loved in this effortless craft.
-EVE Featherstone

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