Thursday, September 29, 2011

Poem, Media Whores

The judges of women
for suckling the young,
the finger that points out
to distract among
the sheep of the public,
the scared and the empty,
suckling instead on
addictions aplenty.

You fools not connected,
but destroying all,
you fools have walls all around
you are just your malls,
and your porn and your
passion is perverted so,
and your judgement
is hypocritical though,
you punish and neglect
your young with false morals,
and coddle your infirmities
and medical chorals,
of poison medicine
designed only for profit,
and needs unmet totally
and stuffed in the closet.

You impotent, dried up,
and dysfunctional mob,
you reject and distance
yourself from your God,
you surface from flickering
porn not yet seen,
and proclaim your innocence
but your guilt and shame bleeds
from deeply abandoned
and distanced you are,
and this mess you've created,
from the divine we disbar.

Drop your morals,
drop you ideals,
hold close your young
and quit watching the reels,
for TV and pornography
ugly the beauty
of perfect entwining
and ecstasy musing.

Closeness is not bad,
and any who say,
have minds that are filters
of sewage that sprays,
from the self pious
clergy from twisted
who have sucked your
free will and your
normal mind function
into shame and guilt
rotting your soul,
and perpetuating
destruction through
all societal hell
and religions who've started
the wars and continue in plain view
and no one does anything,
you media whores.

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