Monday, October 31, 2011

Channel, Arcturian Council, 10-31-2011

Many of you on Earth are in the middle of some type of uncertainty. Mild perhaps, or possibly a change in your whole life is upon you. In either case, be it known, this truth; stop, step into the void, and establish perameters or boundaries which others may not cross. This void may be many things, depending upon the uncertainty you are feeling. A vacation from all things with or without leaving. An expanse of doing the opposite of what you normally do. An expanse of nothingness, an expanse of being totally sovereign.

Being sovereign involves solitude within your own thoughts, sensory space, emotional, sexual, verbal, auditory, input/output, spiritual sovereignty. You are in a kingdom or realm of your own making; actually we would prefer you call it allowing. A realm of your own allowing. The only control you take upon your own behalf is enforcing the border which you have set, either passively or aggressively, to keep everything out.

In the void, in this expanse of thought, feeling, silence, repose, you may hear your own answers. You may cry your tears, you may indulge in that which you have a strong interest in, you may sleep, you may observe or people watch, you may feel safe and without judgement in your own kingdom or realm. It may last a couple of days, weeks or months. You decide the limits or limitlessness of your own kingdom or realm.

Now + Sovereign + God + I AM + Silence + Nature + Timelessness + Allowing + Self Indulgence

Hearing and seeing with your third eye. Only natural and invisible input. The time is NOW.

Thank you for this time with you. We are the Arcturian Council.

Arcturian Council,
via EVE Featherstone

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