Monday, October 10, 2011

Channel, The Cosmic Beings of Light, 10-10-2011

In choosing this time to write, you have shown us an exemplary way of "feeling" your way through your current life as it is now. You will not have as many doubts as you have in the past, and you will now be faced with more time on your hands to do your spiritual work, dabble in organization, contemplation and focus without interruption.

We do not prefer the calculations you press upon your life, and we do prefer the allowing, enJOYment of current circumstances, people in your life, projections of beauty and your daily thoughts which will be more pertinent in the future than they are now. So, don't hesitate to document every little feeling as you experience these higher vibration perspectives, and after being in this "place" for a little while, you will not be able to sustain or entertain any other way of life.

Relax, allow the fresh breezes of the new age to sweep in around you and feel the gentle, caring way in which the Earth and the Cosmos (along with your guides) guide you every step of the way. This is not difficult, but you may find yourself on unsure footing from time to time as your normal "sure footing" has to do with calculations and money.

The money game will end, and you can play some more fulfilling, higher stakes games in front of the arena of the people who watch and learn from you. It is OK to let go of money. It is OK to quit trying in this area, it is OK to allow the Universe to deliver without effort what you need to survive.

We leave you with this now, and hope it stays with you in your heart for comfort and feeds your well being.

Yours in truth and implementation,
The Cosmic Beings of Light
via EVE Featherstone

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