Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Channel, Andromedans, 11-1-2011

Finite is word which you may want to view as meaningless. It is in the realm of the rational mind, and this too is rather meaningless given the cosmic alignments right now in Earth space time.

We are the collective consciousness of the Andromedans. Feeling, being and knowing you as we do, our message is to lessen your grip on reality a little. Reality is itself an infinite term, as we see it, for you have at your fingertips the gift of free will, and the input of the universal intelligence and Source energy. Allow this universal intelligence and soft extra-dimensional waves of energy to permeate your rational mind, physical body and your creativity will blossom instantly. You will feel a desire to create as you've never felt before.

This creativity doesn't have to be a fine arts piece which speaks to the whole world, it simply needs to be a creative process where your child-like interests are stirred. This is where your creativity was born, and where it will be re-born. Crafts, playing in the sand, silliness, and an eternal summer are yours if you allow yourself these dalliances.

These experiments in creativity will cause ruptures of consciousness/chi flow into unused parts of your brain. Transform your surroundings to those of more playful, nest-like and nurturing functions. More spiritual areas and symbols wouldn't hurt either. Set up regular spirit ritual and deem this a necessary part of your life.

With the dawning of the Golden Age, spirit ritual, living in spirit, and sharing with others who are awakened, is necessary and appropriate. You must leave behind the unnatural ways of the industrial, work ethic, judgmental, hording, cautionary and worrisome. This is old technology. It simply doesn't work anymore.

Our gift to you is to remind you of your infinite creative, playful, underused abilities. This is the new technology, so learn again how to use what you were born with, as you are now re-born once again.

With sacred intentions, and warm wishes,
Collective Consciousness of the Andromedans
via EVE Featherstone

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