Sunday, November 20, 2011

Channel, Sirian Council of 8, Vesica Pisces, 11-20-2011

Good day, this is the Sirian Council of 8, and we are here on to break EVE's current phase of austerity. We would remind her of the date, 11-20-2011, where it is noted 20/20 is in the middle of 11's. This is an indication that today, you, as humans, may have a clearer view of matters if you choose to do so with a simple intention of "show me".

We are here to take EVE out of school for a period of time, and lavish her with love, luxury, passiveness, and she will maintain this frame of mind with the fragrance of flowers. The genuine fragrance of flowers will instantly raise the vibration of the person inhaling this high vibration fragrance. It is simple, efficient, and very enjoyable. We encourage all of you to do this as needed to keep your vibrations high and in the flow.

There is a bit of resistance and unworthiness in EVE as we channel these words to her, but underneath those feelings are feelings of the softest, most gentle appreciation, which if they were allowed to fully come to the surface, would create tears of joy, gratitude and relief.

Why are these feelings not allowed to come up? The circuits of protection, leadership, and the destructive circuits of the intellect which calculate, and lay this grid of austere calculations over EVE's energy body and physical body, are beginning to take their toll on dear EVE.

Today, a period of Earth time and space begins for EVE, in which we will illustrate a different way of thinking, being, and allowing. An indifference to that which usually takes precedence over joy, play, pleasure, ease, exploration, adventure and love, in the life of humans.

Everything is different now. You are IN a new frontier of time and space which does not adhere to old mathematical grids, but now is free floating. It isn't a beginning, but a destination. It isn't the new age, it IS. It is the I AM age, it is ageless in fact. It is the Unity Consciousness destination. Break your usual focus, and allow this to sink in.

Many circumstances in EVE's life lined up to create this holiday for EVE, otherwise she wouldn't have recognized the portal. She is here to stand at the portal, enter, and report back to all of you when she returns. We are in effect pushing EVE out of the airplane against her intellectual will, but since she trusts us, she is in agreement with the experiment.

She knows her past experiences are only going to enter into this as a basis for self assurance, and this self assurance will allow her to trust, and this trust will be the key to all in store for her. She will stop calculating when, where and what will happen, and trust all will be well, and all is unified for her highest good.

Now, for some simple geometric imagery. Imagine two circles, one being good, one being bad, sliding together until one intersects the other. The subset of the two sets is a sacred creation formed from combining good and bad as ONE. No longer separate, but ONE. This is known as the vesica pisces. The figure eight is now modified to be a vesica pisces, and is a metaphor for all of your perceived Earthly realities.

Everything is indeed different now. You will not fear the bad by being good. You will simply be what you are. You will honor your feelings and be led by their expression. If you want love, if you want acceptance, go towards where those things are, with an open heart and mind. Rules and societal constraints will not assist you here, but rather an indifference to perceived boundaries, will be of great assistance.

While sitting at her desk, EVE was wearing her eyeglasses, and as she glanced at her bicycle wheel, she noticed it split into a vesica pisces when she looked at it half with her eyeglasses and half beyond her eyeglasses. This is a rich metaphor, but to her it was as if a combination of her perceived "weakness" or shortcoming, and her intellectual correction of this weakness (eyeglasses) yielded a sacred vision. In other words, by applying your intellect and areas which you can't "see" clearly, you will yield sacred wisdom, and be able to "see" more clearly how things can be, instead of how you "believe" them to be.

The vesica pisces is symbolic of the summer solstice and winter solstice as well as the portal of the Age of Aquarious which is upon Earth, now, at the end of this 12,000 year cycle. We have guided EVE in all different ways to come upon this information.

With all of the magic and infinite glory of the universe, we offer these mathematical, geometric and widely acknowledged bits of information to fill in the blanks for you now, as it is imperative that you all awaken into the golden and platinum rays of light which you now reside. Choose this reality now, and know that everything is different now.

The Sirian Council of 8,
via EVE Featherstone

aus·ter·i·ty  [aw-ster-i-tee] noun, plural -ties. 1. austere quality; severity of manner, life, etc.; sternness.
2. Usually, austerities. ascetic practices: austerities of monastery life.
3. strict economy.

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