Saturday, May 4, 2013

What is necessary for personal contact with ET civilizations?

EVE Answers: An altered state of mind.

EVE Elaborates: Many situations can lead one to an altered state of mind. Much of a human's conditioning and belief system are required to be shattered before true natural altered state of mind occurs. Human culture has built a wall around the psychic, telepathic abilities of the human. Because all humans need to sleep and therefore dream, however, the seed of these abilities remains inside. It is a chemical released in the bloodstream which allows humans to dream. Therefore, one can achieve contact through dream state, through meditation, through fascination with geometry, physics, science, cosmology, and through the trance-like state achieved when energy healing is being given and received. Touch can either facilitate or block the transference depending on the intention of the individuals concerned.

These activities lead to a physical manifestation of how spirituality "feels". Then the whole human is engaged to some degree or another, and advancement is achieved through repeated sacred intention to deepen and allow more fully these feelings of strong interest as well as deeper meditative trances and allowing fully the images and concepts to be seen with the "mind's eye" or "envisioned" without dismissing what is "seen" or judging oneself while in the process. Patience and dismissing the importance of time are also helpful.

EVE Specifies: The walls around our ability to effortlessly communicate with ET civilizations are created by our divisions. Unity is the focus. Divisions are diversions.

Spirituality is divided into religions. People are divided into races and genders. The Intent or Will of a person is divided into earning and living with the former dominating the latter. This dilutes Intent and Will and eventually weakens it. Intent and Will are fulfilled by creating. Humans are happiest when creating.

The increments and grid of time pressed over Intent and Will, sever flow and cause the necessity of effort in the creative process. Effort is encouraged and creation is discouraged. Effort when not in alignment with the spirit of strong interest and creative process is a poison to the spirit, and dulls Intent and Will. Intent may also be thought of as purpose. Without purpose and with only required uninspired effort, how can the human be happy?

Uninspired people are directionless, confused and depressed. This propagates destruction not creation.

EVE Summarizes: Unity must be the focus. Meditative state of the mind realized. Joy prioritized. All creative efforts glorified. Pursuit of any and all strong interests satiated. Spirituality restored to humanity by the Golden Rule of Unity consciousness.

There is a level where we are all the same. (ET's included). If we do not seek this state of being, we will remain divided and disconnected from the ET civilizations who enjoy telepathy, unity, joy, bliss, and are swimming in the divine connection with all that is. The overwhelming majority of humans are disconnected from it through their divisions and futile efforts.

The Universal Collective Consciousness
via EVE Featherstone

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