Thursday, February 8, 2018

3 Tiers of Awareness - Eve is One

I write from the focused consciousness of EVE, Eve Featherstone, Eve is One, I AM Eve is One, E.L.F. which stands for Evelyn Leona Featherstone

Here are 3 Tiers of Awareness denoted by 3 paragraphs of the same words with progressive degrees of unveiling.

Lonely, Alone, One

lONEly, alONE, ONE


In Tier 1, the fact is you can be lonely, by yourself or with others.
You are drawn to others as a necessity in this belief.

In Tier 2, it is confusing, but the fact is, you are beginning to see.

In Tier 3, you are focused, clearly seeing  ONE, ELF and ELVES.
The rest fades away and does not torment or draw you away from sELF.

When I hear people say I'm lonely, I think, "oh, they haven't learned to be whole in themselves yet".

Music, movies, television encourage the idea that anything but romance or family is to be lonely.

When I see couples either happy or struggling, I think "oh, they haven't learned to be whole in themselves yet".

When I see a couple fighting or suffering within a relationship I think "Oh, they haven't learned they can choose not to suffer and be happy and balanced alone.

There are many negative points of consciousness egging on the belief that you cannot be alone.  Once you are aware of this, it gets easy to stop, identify, release, recover balance.

I didn't always see things this way, but somehow after starting over again and again by myself after splitting up with someone, I became happy with myself.  I just was happy being alone with my own thoughts, ideas, and expressing them to understand them more.  It doesn't matter if anyone gets what I'm writing, although it brings me joy to hear that is does.  It matters that I express what I realize.
That adds to the wallpaper of my space here on Earth.

Until you are patient enough to prioritize yourself and experience what you are like "undiluted', you will find it difficult to escape the beliefs of the Earth's cultures to torment you for not being paired up, or paired up and with family.

What I take away from the 3 Tiers of Awareness, is that you need to get to know yourself (kNOW yoursELF) so you can be whole on Earth.  When you are whole on Earth, you can be balanced, and balance is the platform for being your most undiluted purposeful sELF.

Elves are Earth focused.
One is Cosmic Consciousness.
Be ELF and ONE and sometimes ELVES.  This is a focused balance.

Shed the veils ONE by ONE until you reach the conclusion or REALity that you, without others are not lonely or alone, just more pure and focused.

Joyous is the day you are pure and focused the same alone as you are with others.

I AM Eve is One
via E.L.F.
(Evelyn Leona Featherstone)


  1. I love love love this! So perfect for where I am now. I'm finally so happy with myself, being alone. I do live with someone now but so often I find myself wanting to be alone because I've fallen in love with the character I've become (or maybe always was?) after having my dross burned off in one relationship-crucible after another. The other day I found myself wondering why people are ever even drawn into relationship, and I concluded that the promise of sex and love and bliss are the necessary lures to draw us into the often very painful but necessary experiences with those who will often unconsciously help us learn (circuitously but ultimately) how to become happy with ourselves. BTW I've become fascinated with elves lately, re-watched Lord of the Rings, realized I would be happiest living among the elves, if I had to choose. I mean they have great taste in clothes, hair, interior decorating. Love you!

    ~Jennifer (aka Javelin's kind of cool how my old, almost defunct FB alias, which is an anagram of my real first and last names, kinda seems related to the name Evelyn Leona Featherstone)

    1. Hi! Good to hear from you! Your name and mine have similar vibrations. Picture 2 different rattles shaking with the same rhythm, like at a drum circle.