Monday, November 7, 2011

Channel, Pleiadian Council of Nine, Finish Line, 11-7-11

Hello Dear Ones, this is the Pleiadian Council of Nine. We interupt your special announcements to remind you of your heart and soul's needs at this time in Earth's history. Humans have not had a significant day like 11-11-11 coming up for 12,000 years! So stop . . . feel . . . and love . . .

Everything else can wait, and we do mean this literally! If for a moment you could really understand fully and accept the news, that you are at the finish line of what has been very difficult way of being alive and conscious. It has been almost impossible to truly be happy or sustain any progress on your labors. Hear us now . . . stop and listen . . . things are now going to be easier! Yes, dear ones, everything will be easier.

The catch? The catch is, your droning egos and intellect are determined to grind out the same routine, grind out the same calculations, and grind down everything hopeful or fantastic which catches your attention. The catch is you have to allow yourself to stop and feel the reality of love, pleasure, fun, and rejoicing! Sadly for some of you, this truly just sounds like a bunch of words written for other people in better situations than you, but we are truly saying you've made it.

Allow us to be at your door to make the announcement, so to speak. We are here, and this is how we announce it to those who are ahead of the curve, because it is you who need to become this reality and show others by example. Spread the good news!

The Pleiadian Council of Nine
via EVE Featherstone

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