Sunday, November 6, 2011

Channel, Arcturian Council, 11-6-2011

Having no particular interest or sympathy; unconcerned: "indifferent to foreign affairs"; "they all seemed indifferent rather than angry".
Neither good nor bad; mediocre: "attempts to distinguish between good, bad, and indifferent work".


We are the Arcturian Council, and during this transmission, we are going to explore indifference, and whether a little more of it in your life would be for your highest good.

To zoom out, to suspend judgment, to suspend attachment, to suspend opinion, to suspend participation, to suspend action, to suspend schedule, to suspend YOU in a comfortable, timeless state of ease and indifference. You will take others out of the equation. You will take duty and responsibility out of the equation.

In this state, you will define an equation of what YOU ARE. You will be the I AM. In this state of solitude, you will regain your connection to the collective consciousness of light and love. Clarify the thoughts that pop into your head, are they YOU? Are they judgments placed upon you by others? Do you believe these thoughts? Can you undo your belief? Can you roll back the judgments to those who placed them, and realign your definition with who you were before "life messed you up?" The process and road of life does mess you up, make no mistake, but you can realign. You can always regenerate, realign, reconnect, and all you need to accomplish this is to clarify the thoughts of "who are you" in your state of solitude and indifference.

Indifferent to what others think, indifferent to your impact on others lives, indifferent to points, score-keeping, competition, completion, advantage and interdependence on others.

Indifferent to your causes, indifferent to plans, indifferent to waste, indifferent to the disheveled appearance you may embody during your state of solitude and indifference.

Indifferent to your living conditions, indifferent to interruptions, indifferent to other's attempts at contacting you.

Indifferent to explanation. Saying I don't know. Feeling you are free-falling. Feeling as you are hung out in the wind for cleansing purposes. You are a void, a space that retains nothing, collects nothing, and obtains nothing. A space that needs only what is within arms reach.

A sacred chamber or bubble of isolation, meditation, contemplation, deflecting the actions and queries of others for selfish purpose and divine purpose. Emerging only when you feel connected, renewed, capable and motivated.

FREE OF MIND ALTERING SUBSTANCES. Allowing your mind to be unaltered by the Tao of things. The way things work. The way things naturally come out when NOTHING is done. Zen.

Enough we think to push you off into your crysalis, your pod, your isolation chamber, your temple, your hiatus, your vantage point, your zero point, your I AM.

Wishing you well with support and eternal structure,
The Arcturian Council
via EVE Featherstone

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