Friday, December 23, 2011

Channel, Andromedans, Rhythm Echos of 3D, 12-23-11

Audible fixtures in your matrix of beliefs. We are the Andromedans, and we wish to explore with you aspects of your inherited disposition. It is our intention to overlay your experience with a new awareness of sound, pace, syncopation and how it effects your nervous system.

There are ways in which you can instinctively know the sacred nature of certain sounds. These sounds seem three dimensional in a way when you hear them. Some examples are below:

1. thunder
2. melodic and repetitive rhythms of bird song
3. the quick short breathes of a baby
4. the long breathes of sleep from a loved one next to you
5. the sound of a rattle made from natural materials
6. the sound of a wooden drum
7. echo effects of water drops in rhythm relative to weight needed to amass enough gravity to fall
8. knowing the heaviness of a vehicle by the sound of its tires on a road
9. the scurry of small birds or rodents on a rooftop
10. the rhythm of a cat licking its fur
11. the piercing echo effect of certain bells, chimes or gongs

What are these sounds saying to your souls when you hear them? Do you even pay attention?

These are examples of the volumes of information your mind receives from sounds, but even more important, the information, feelings, emotions, nurturing effects these sounds have on your heart and souls when heard fully.

Are you polluting your environment with distractions? Are you creating audio distraction to avoid authentic emotions and effects? Make any adjustments you deem appropriate to extract the richness from this human experience.

Sound is a vibration like other vibrations, but for humans it is much more, and we see that you are missing this awareness in your lives. Occasionally you may notice, but allow yourself to purposefully cultivate more of it and increase the percentage of time you are effected by these sounds and more. Identify others which are your favorites.

Just another opportunity for you to enjoy your human experience a little more on a daily basis.

Your guides and faithful companions,

via EVE Featherstone

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