Sunday, December 11, 2011

Channel, Chief White Cloud, You Will Recognize, 12-11-11

Greetings to you, this is Chief White Cloud, primary guide of EVE. I have recognized a need to embellish your word 'recognize'. You are very familiar with recognizing an acquaintance by their physical appearance. Sometimes, however, you need more information to recall exactly who they are. Even a phrase, or topic discussed previously will jog your memory, and the whole instance will be fully recalled.

Another way to recognize is the non-physical way. Have you ever just met someone and felt comfortable with them instantly? Or, have you just met them, observed them doing and saying ordinary things, and liked the specific way they do ordinary things? Did this specific ordinary way of doing ordinary things without knowing they were being observed make you feel as if you could trust them or did you simply just like being around them as they were "being"? This is the recognition we want to draw your attention to, or introduce you to if needed.

A recognition is instant at times as well. Love at first sight, instant friendships, and even the feeling of belonging you get from certain restaurants, are all this type of recognition. It is recognition that you and others or you and another are functioning as vibration or consciousness within a similar range. You can automatically trust the judgement of this other or others with regard to making decisions or even making decisions for you. You are not ever on guard with these types of recognition.

Similarly, however, you may suddenly or have been feeling a recognition of disharmony in other areas, and this too, needs to be recognized. You now know there are others whom you will recognize as suitable and others as unsuitable for the way you want to play the game now. Change the rules, change your life, and recognize those you will be playing the game with now. Pick your colors now, and play. This is a new game. No competition, just joy, fun, and progress in all the fruitful, light and delicious areas of life.

Your companion on the trail,
Chief White Cloud,
via EVE Featherstone

Verb: Identify (someone or something) from having encountered them before; know again: "I recognized her when her wig fell off".
Identify from knowledge of appearance or character: "Pat is good at recognizing wildflowers".

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