Friday, December 30, 2011

Channel, Sirian Council of 8, Indemnity, 12-30-11

Impunity is yours now. Impunity is yours. Impunity is granted. Impunity is real. Impunity from the imagined, impunity from the improbable outcomes you seemed to have been a part of. Impunity from the disappointments in life which have left you feeling disillusioned, incapable, reckless, powerless, alone, angry or ashamed.

The universe does not play by odds, you see, and even as a child you recognized situations which seemed to lie outside an equation of balance or "fairness". Even as a child you recognized outcomes of pure intentions led to catastrophe. Why would you expect any less out of the outcomes in life?

You are indeed incapable of failure, and your actions are matched with your outcomes. You may say, "why then when I had pure intentions, 100% confidence, did something end up so broken or out of the range of expectation?" The universe, your guides, show you in these times, that you didn't make a mistake, but this was a blind curve which you couldn't see the rest of the course until you got there. This is when you become adaptive, stubborn, resolved or creative. These are the moments of creation which yield a great amount of satisfaction when overcome.

Outcomes are random, but you as a sovereign being are always sovereign, and you always have choices. There are times when you are led through a maze which gives you no choices, but in that moment, you can make the choice to shift your perception of your situation. You STILL have a choice in these instances. Choose a better thought about it, choose a better packaging of how you assess the situation. Sell it to yourself as something other than what it first appears to be, for indeed what it first appears to be is only one truth. This shift in perception, in effect, changes the situation, and in turn instantly provides you with more choices.

It is true the world you live in isn't "fair", but we don't choose to put it this way. This term of fairness is artificial, an old technology, and should be eradicated. It would take a great deal of orchestration to make everything "fair". Everything in your dimension, as in others, undulates, in other words everything is cyclical. To expect anything less is artificial.

Your stock market today has been artificially stoked to appear benevolent and vital. It is in fact a dead system propped up with makeup and artificially animated to appear alive. It remains a trap for the ambitious. Your stock market has been tampered with to keep it from its natural undulation patterns.

Your food industry today appears abundant, but it is artificial. It is "designed" to "look" fresh, nutritious and delicious, but it isn't any of these. Your supermarkets are packaging substances that are not food, but artificial substances which perform only to meet low cost production, shipping, long artificial shelf life, and appear on the labels to be desirable. As a society, many of you have lost or have never experienced real food, real nutrition, and so find it to be unpalatable at first. Your foods have been tampered with to keep them from natural undulation patterns of freshness to fertilizer. Even when eaten your body can't change the food from fresh to fertilizer. The pattern is broken.

Life undulates. Situations undulate. Patterns undulate. If something does not undulate, it is artificial. It is a facade, a ruse, an illusion. Step out from behind the illusion that nothing should change for the worst. It must, you see, otherwise it is artificial. Undulation is the engine for movement, dynamics and natural balance, not artificial


You have come to believe the meaning of artificial is simply something man or machine made to suffice for something difficult to obtain. The root of artificial is artifice, and we leave you with the definition of artifice from your own language.

The Sirian Council of 8
via EVE Featherstone

Noun: Clever or cunning devices or expedients, esp. as used to trick or deceive others: "artifice and outright fakery".

Noun: Exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action.

un·du·la·tion (nj-lshn, ndy-, -d-)
n.1. A regular rising and falling or movement to alternating sides; movement in waves.
2. A wavelike form, outline, or appearance.
3. One of a series of waves or wavelike segments.

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