Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Channel, To EVE from Chief White Cloud, 12-7-11

As you run into the limits of your tolerance for the way things used to be, it is oblique details which leave you feeling disconnected or insecure. These are the heretofore unseen mechanics of the New Eden.
Is it possible to be suddenly incapable of doing the things you have become so proficient at? It is neither ungrateful, nor intolerant, but a natural aversion from the old and desire for the new. When teenagers leave the house they often have an aversion to their old routines and lifestyle. They are excited for their new free lives. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW.

Your wild, free, young, new lives are waiting for you to leave the nest! Don't examine the reasons or inexplicable feelings, simply disconnect and move quickly into your new version of everything. Oblique details are more emotional at times, but you will get used to it. The oblique looks to the naked eye as something that doesn't make sense, but it is very specialized.

No interference or assistance needed from our realm, only the courage to start your new life. You have graduated the tests of time, and now are ready. Prepare to find yourself again and again in completely unfamiliar but comfortable situations. You were literally designed for this.

Your companion and guide,
Chief White Cloud,
via EVE Featherstone

Adjective: Neither parallel nor at a right angle to a specified or implied line; slanting.
Noun: A muscle neither parallel nor perpendicular to the long axis of a body or limb.

Adverb: Before now.

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