Saturday, January 7, 2012

Poem, Starving the Lust Out, 1-7-12

Pedaling onward as others have done
towing more weight as the years open frond
opening not but shutting down slow
hoping for help to come some down the road
Fain to oblige your ruling class round
Truths untaught yesterday appearing as sound
Wisdom of lost concepts hidden and hoarded
Starving the lust out of dogged and trodden
Starving the lust out of society damned
Starving the lust out with religious scams
Starving the lust out of pure healthy life
Starving the lust out with drama and strife.

--EVE Featherstone

fain (fn)
adv.1. Happily; gladly: "I would fain improve every opportunity to wonder and worship, as a sunflower welcomes the light" (Henry David Thoreau).
2. Archaic Preferably; rather.
adj. Archaic
1. Ready; willing.
2. Pleased; happy.
3. Obliged or required.

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