Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Channel, Pleiadian Council of Nine, Regarding 2012, 1-4-12

We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and it is our pleasure to help you differentiate, delineate*, and truncate** your association and attachment to 2011. It is a world left behind. It is a car you sold. It is a career that ended. It is hair which has been cut off. It is dead, it is no longer functional, and its rules no longer apply. You, as you were in 2011, are no longer in existence. You are now a creature of 2012, and 2012 is different than the 12,000 years which proceeded it. We say this so you will have perspective as to how special this year is.

Your ancient perspective is about 2000 B.C. as far as your history is concerned. Imagine if you suddenly had the knowlege that humans, before 10,000 B.C., were as advanced as some extra terrestrials. Imagine if you knew they had access to technology far ahead of the latest technology available today on your planet. Imagine these humans using all 12 strands of their DNA instead of only 2. Imagine them not having to struggle with paychecks, rent, careers, and custody. Imagine them living a life of 90% spiritually based philosophy and deriving all of their direction from their spiritual connection. Imagine these humans regarding gemstones and gold as costume jewelry or a substance readily available at a hardware store.

You may wonder what happened to a society such as this, and how did we, as a human species "de-evolve" ? Imagine a society who is 90% spiritual in decision making, motives, and ambitions, trusting in priests, and other beings more spiritually advanced than they. Imagine these priests beginning to prioritize public admiration, and in doing so, feeding their egos into competition, and tendencies to withhold information from the public. Imagine the eventual outcome of this as corruption in a society which had never heard of such a thing.

There are many Greek mythology stories of gods and goddesses who became so entertained and preoccupied with mortals that they interbred with them and began to prioritize or covet physical pleasure derived from mortal sexuality. This is similar to what happened here, and we are not condemning mortal sexuality, we are simply telling you the rulers and the priests of this golden era were not merely mortals, but a blend or pure representation of other factions of "less mortal" species. The sacred, divine aspect of sexuality was lost, contaminated, and competition and ego were introduced.

The secrets of technology, spiritual technology, and ability to be telepathic, manage matter with nearly no effort, and live in a higher state of spiritual joy, spiritual "rapture-like" sexuality,
and balanced social abundance were lost to, or taken away from the general population. The "less mortal" individuals did not die off, but were interbred with humans and still control the whole globe today with powers, knowledge and hoarded assets.

These wonderful standard powers of enlightenment and Oneness were taken away by other "far less mortal beings not from Earth". They are responsible for countless genetic experiments and projects throughout the Universe. It is their specialty, and they regarded this human/not-so-human situation as a failed genetic scenario, so they simply put Earth into a controlled, quarantine situation, to determine if humanity could in fact "earn their wings" once again.

12,000 years later (now), here we are. The Universe is watching as the results of this "new" experiment are well known to all of us, and we are so proud and grateful to be the ones to meet and greet you for the first time. Those of you reading this are the first wave. Others will follow, as they become enlightened by many of you. We are pleased by your progress, and we patiently wait for the "not so mortal" hybrids on your planet to cave into love, and fall into line "under" those of you who are the new leaders, healers and saviors of Earth and its inhabitants.

A footnote, is that this outcome is only applicable to those of you in this range of vibration. Others will experience a tailor made reality based upon their ranges of vibration and so forth. You are reading this because you fall into this range of vibration, or you are about to ascend into it eventually, within this year of 2012 and into the future between 10 and 20 years from your present Earth time.

You may now access all of these spiritual powers for yourselves and your troops of "soul travelers". Now, in 2012, you are immersed in Christ Consciousness, and may, at will, have your DNA restored to 12 strand, connect yourself to Source, Christ Consciousness, and other benevolent species of extra terrestrials without the assistance of priests. You have everything on board you need to access anything you want.

The key to this, is being heart based (love) and forsaking ego (fear). This is a simple choice you make many times a day when you are aware of which side your thoughts and feelings fall on.

2012 is the year when the quarantine of Earth ends, and other extra terrestrial species may openly contact and interact with humans. Many of these species you are closely related to. You didn't have to genetically crawl out of the mud as you've been led to believe. You share physical appearance, emotions and spiritual Oneness with many extra terrestrials. They are just like you. The difference is, you chose to reincarnate here on Earth, and they didn't (this time). Many have had lifetimes on Earth previously, and many are here to guide you as ascended masters. You only have to choose to allow this, specifying ONLY beings of light and love.

For those who choose love now, there will be no startling events this year. There will be only brotherhood, sisterhood, and expansive love, gratitude and service to others. There will be enlightenment every day of every week. There will be a softening of character, and your power will shift from ego to heart. There is nothing more powerful in the Universe than love. Nothing.

We are grateful for Eve's translation here, and we do so enjoy interacting with you in this way, which can be as directly as you like, now and in the current year of 2012.

The Pleiadian Council of Nine,
via EVE Featherstone

Verb:Describe or portray (something) precisely.
Indicate the exact position of (a border or boundary).

Verb: Shorten (something) by cutting off the top or the end: "a truncated cone shape".
Adjective:(of a leaf, feather, or other part) Ending abruptly as if cut off across the base or tip.

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