Monday, March 5, 2012

Channel, Andromedans, 3-5-12

Far and away the best thing about being human is your desire to understand the world you live in. It is a giant scavenger hunt, as the truth has been purposefully hidden from you by those in power for generations. This has been happening for so long, that even those in power have lost the truth. This was by design, a cosmic joke on them, a deed of karma, a judicious culling, herding the cancerous into a "not OK" corral.

In the corral of ego and greedy blindness, the cancerous are benign, allowing the rest of you to find your own answers. Those in the corral, are still basically "making drug deals from prison", however and many of you are still buying what they're selling.

The point is, there is nothing to prevent you from coming about your own truths, hidden or exposed. We give you the clues you require, and the answers are literally right in front of you. Conventional wisdom is distraction, duty is distraction, guilt = distraction, shame = distraction, etc.

You are pure, innocent, whole, forgiven and fresh. You are newly set upon the newly reconfigured Earth equipped with the Earth's newly configured state of "no rules". The Law of Attraction is the only law you have to think of, and it can be applied, practiced and perfected in an infinite amount of ways. Surround yourself with others who are perfecting their understanding and practice of this every day. Reject or distance yourself from others who are using old technology or old beliefs to configure their lives. Reject or distance yourself from television and programmed culture.

Create your own culture, your own rituals, your own patterns, your own picture of how things are. Create your own world, and those who should inhabit your world will appear. Soon you will be "channeling" those who you have separated from who remain in 3D. Their communication will be remote, and purposeful, but "alien" to where you find yourself.

Oh, and more news, the change has already happened. Welcome. You are indeed now part of the New Earth, and the dream of the old ways is a distant memory. Everything is different now. You've made it. The old ways are a recording of what once happened in the ghost town you are currently looking at. They are nothing more than a romantic thought, a nostalgic recollection. Free yourself from being roped in by a memory.

The Andromedans
via EVE Featherstone

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