Saturday, March 17, 2012

Channel, Andromedans, Spring Equinox 2012, 3-17-12

The eye of the needle is here, dear ones, and we will help ease the transition with some easily utilized technology of the heart. Endearing memories, regrets, and remorse are old technology, as they clutter your heart with steady loops of reruns and they break the complete circuits of life energy in the present.

You do not need fond memories, for indeed the essence of these has been fully assimilated in your heart, and has benefited all of your higher levels of consciousness. It is meant to be swept away like a tornado to the upper layers of consciousness. You are a funnel cloud from the oversoul who is currently touched down on land to gather, stir up and permanently alter all that you come in contact with. Your society has been seen to "celebrate" the anniversary of these touch downs, as they caused great destruction and movement. The magnitude is difficult for humans to digest so they repeat the memory.

Tornado like structures are in existence on all levels of creation both visible and invisible. Both 3D and extradimensional vortex are part of the way of things. Natural, helpful, healing, regenerative, and necessary.

As gatherers of information, you need not retain that which you encapsulate, assimilate and transport.
Memories tether you to that which now lacks meaning for you, and in your distraction, you are missing other concepts and dynamic truths which present themselves in real time. We have said it before, but at times, when we tune into your stations, we find ourselves tiring of the reruns you broadcast.

We say this not in judgment, but in humor, and we hope you feel these big picture truths as you approach the Spring Equinox of 2012. Prepare now, and look deep in isolation for what you want to rid yourself of. We invite you to rid yourself of all previous versions of yourself. You now are indeed new, fresh, transformed organisms, and the new energies will be ideal to nurture and propel your new versions, but the new energies are less than comfortable if you are still running old holographic image projections. These are not to be archived or collected for comparison, but dismissed altogether.

We also invite you to disconnect your attachments to others who are slower than you, for everyone has the strength and ability to hold their own in this reality. If they don't, they will go to an easier reality.

There is no prize for struggle now or evermore. Go with the flow, go with the light, and don't punish yourselves with duty to the old, when the new was made especially for you. Don't leave the new space for your new version unoccupied. Move to the sunnier side of the street.

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