Thursday, March 1, 2012

Channel, Suspended Occupation of Space and Dimension, Arcturians, 3-1-12

Adjective: Departing from an accepted standard.
Diverging from the normal type.

At the very least, you are all feeling aberrant* feelings regarding your daily routines, your food, your sleep/awake times, your faith in those who have power or authority over you, money, and relationships.
At the very most you feel completely disconnected from your families, your jobs, your 3D realities. Many of you spend much time on the internet in comfortable connection with many around the world, and this is preferable to that which you've always done before, and stepping out from your collective consciousness feels dangerous, vulnerable and disconnected.

Picture a shelf of ornamental items being lifted up one at a time, as someone dusts beneath them. Note that these items are put back down, quite unintentionally, in a slightly different place than before. Sometimes a new array or reorganization is decided upon during the cleaning process, and some pieces are eliminated altogether, shipped off, rearranged, or put somewhere else. Sometimes they even become broken during the process. This is how times are now. You feel disconnected sometimes because you are being suspended for awhile while other things are cleaned or changed, and then replaced. Other times you must adjust to completely different sets of circumstances beyond your control. There is logic and order to most all things, and these changes are not to be taken personally, just accepted.

We say these things to comfort and not frighten you. Simply stick with the "very least" scenaro, where you are suspended for a short time while things are cleaned, mended and rearranged. Know that you are often now finding yourselves in new dimensions, and aren't even aware of it. You are valuable and are more valuable in some dimensions than in others. If you are unsure, disconnected, or feeling lost, know you are simply being switched to a more suitable, timely, and pleasing situation where you will be valued even more, and even more, and even more, and even more.

Take this as a message of love and invisible maintenance and care, which all of you reside in, whether you realize it or not. Good day.

The Arcturians
via EVE Featherstone

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