Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Poem, Prey Still in Season, 3-21-12

If something really doesn't appear to seem right
If affections fall as if arrow lacks flight
If all that you need is held way out of reach
If all that you beseech eventually breeds grief
If timing and harmony are not to be had
If leaving them briefly makes you feel sad

Then saddle your horse and pack your nap sack
High tail it out of there and don't ever come back
Steel trap decisions are here just as relevant
Stick with them as if you've mangled the leg of it
Which would walk you right back to cure
Conflicted feelings and chaos for sure

Life isn't meant to be that syncopated
Life isn't meant to feel wrong or degraded
Wait in the weeds for more favorable odds
Wait for the next one who happens to trod
Into your territory with no reason
Other than being the prey still in season

--EVE Featherstone

syncopated past participle, past tense of syn·co·pate (Verb)
Verb: Displace the beats or accents in (music or a rhythm) so that strong beats become weak and vice versa: "syncopated dance music".

Verb: Ask (someone) urgently and fervently to do something; implore; entreat: "they beseeched him to stay".

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