Thursday, April 5, 2012

Channel, Andromedans, To EVE Featherstone 4-5-12

In sequence, in light, and living seamlessly within idealism; this is where you've been led dear one, and it is now that we will provide explanation as to your current status. You are co-creating with vibrational matches of humor, joy, and together you create the new. The New is quirky, fresh, free, authentic and holds the interest of even those of lower vibrations.

Without a category to put you and your friends in, observers will either reject you or stay with you for more information. Those that reject will do so quietly, as your vibration offers no resistance, no competition, no explanation, no counterattack. Those that stick around for more information see something or feel something even subconsciously which holds their interest for reasons they cannot express.

You are expansive in your scope and audience. You are pure in your intentions. Your heart radiates with a warmth and joy which is neither bland, sappy or ignorant. You speak from experience, you speak from a metal which has been forged by fire, and reset into more advanced technology infused with lighter and brighter energies.

You will hold this light, and touch the wicks of others with your flame, softly, silently, and with no apologies. You will heal with no effort, and your light will grow and hold you in safety.

In celebration, in recognition, in great joy!
The Andromedans to Eve Featherstone

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