Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Channel of Bastet, 4-24-12

Insisting on sublime treatment and peaceful atmosphere, you will continue to hold domain over your path, and attain all that you desire. You have no easement for abuse, criticism, or betrayal, and you have banished all critics to another dimension. All who remain are in your range of acceptance, and all in your range accept and honor your "way of being" your "beingness". As a woman you nurture those who are innocent and of the light, and you distance yourself from those who are manipulative at heart. You are too fast for some, and your speed out ahead alienates all who would pin you down. You are only fair game for the swiftest in thought, action and adaptation. Your team has been chosen, and you will delegate all else. Naturally your feline guides remain with you and thrive in the process. Honor their behavior, instincts and affection as you proceed with stealth in ways and concepts which have not been explored by others. You are the first to follow your instincts to these places, and you set the terms, you make the rules, and you bask in the glory of long sought after achievements as you allow more of the same. These achievements are going to arrive now on a daily basis. You would do well to audit all the gifts you receive each day, and welcome the array of spontaneous gifts given and received. I am Bastet, speaking now for the first time to you as your guide, mentor and companion, now and EVErmore. Bastet via Eve Featherstone
Bastet "Devouring Lady" (from bas, to devour, with feminine ending) "Bast is first and foremost a protectress; specifically of the royal house and the Two Lands. Later she got the life-preserving goddess of joy and protector of women. However, Bast's original role did not include the "cat as sex symbol" archetype. Worshiped in the Delta city of Bubastis and usually depicted as a cat or in human form with the head of a cat, Bast was seen as a protector of cats and those who cared for them."

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