Sunday, April 29, 2012

Channel, Chief White Cloud, Renounce It, 4-29-12

Your decisions each day must entail choosing only that which is up to your standards. It is more important now than ever to be precise in being, viewing, choosing, and setting the bar higher. Set it a bit above your current standards, and expect upgrades. Categorically reject anything which doesn't make you feel whole, sacred and cared for. You are cared for, so BE this. BE CARED FOR. You do this by choosing and allowing only that which cares for you as an authentic, sacred angel of light.

This is Chief White Cloud, primary guide to Eve Featherstone. I see here and now a prime opportunity to supercharge Eve's quest for attracting those who are a vibrational match to her concepts, integrity and aspirations both present and future.

Eve is an expert at filling up her hopper with a mixed quantity of feelings, people, roles and strategies, and then when this inventory is full or in disarray, she very decisively releases all that isn't her highest excitement, and all that isn't causing her to feel happy, cared for, sacred or valued. In doing this, she is sharpening her ability to manifest exactly what she is thinking about as well as allowing that which she has sought out to appear in unlikely ways.

The most rewarding consequences are when she can see over a lifetime, how everything she has experienced (good and bad) has written the most beautiful story, the most unpredictable novel, the most beautiful song, the most sacred of mythological tales. She is a character to be sure, but she is a mythical creature who has just seen this in the mirror. She can't even imagine seeing what she used to see in the mirror, and her mechanical memory tells her what it was, but it isn't a belief she is a vibrational match to anymore, so it seems as though it was someone else. It was indeed someone else.

You all are changing so rapidly, and you must allow each new self to emerge with great fanfare and welcome it to your new reality. Your new self to your new reality, your new self to your new reality, your new self to your new reality. Welcome yourself to the next step, and the next step and stop occasionally to see how different your new reality is compared to 6 months ago, a year ago, or farther back. In this pace of cycles and change, you probably only need to go back 6 months to see astounding changes.

Hear this now. You create yourself based upon high standards coupled with what you've become. You are not the sum of your pasts. You have become something different. Tell the world. Tell your friends, tell your families, and let those go who are not a vibrational match. Let those go who at least aren't game to stand by and see what exciting thing you will announce next.

Release old rules, release old sayings, release old acquaintances, release old belongings, release your attachments to old stories and locations, release your old explanations, release your doubts fears and allow the new to flood in. Renounce it and then announce it to all in range. Announce you're going to be renouncing with joy and self satisfaction. You ARE far more than you have announced in the past.

Chief White Cloud
Ascended Master
Primary Guide to Eve Featherstone

Verb: Formally declare one's abandonment of (a claim, right, or possession).
Refuse to recognize or abide by any longer.

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