Sunday, April 8, 2012

Poem, The Tree of Life, 4-8-12

The Tree of Life Waited
For me to arrive
The Tree of Life prepared
As I had nose dived

It waited and held space
It glistened with light
It gave us our breakfast
At dawns golden light

It gave us bronze eggs
In succulent fruit
It promised us sustenance
It promised us youth

It feeds our eyes daily
With visions of wealth
It provides us daily
With trump cards it dealt

The Tree of Life drips
With the juice of life swelled
The Tree of Life roots
In the hardness of hell

It doesn't need water
It doesn't need care
It roots rather freely
On soil that is bare

Simple and strong
The Tree of Life stands
Bathing in light
Connecting our strands.

via EVE Featherstone

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