Saturday, August 18, 2012

Channel, Beings of Orion, 8-18-12

Much of what you as humans view to be Earthly has little to do with Earth. Much of what you occupy yourselves with each day has nothing to do with the planet you live on. You live in your minds within belief systems which govern what you do, how you do it, when you do it, as well as other intricate layers of judgement, separation and ego based thoughts confusing matters as well.

We are concerned with one simple truth today, and that truth is a very simple thing. When you stop, center yourself, and occupy yourself with true Earthly things, such as hiking, bicycling, appreciating nature, documenting Earthly beauty with cameras, etc, you are directly hard wired to all that is cosmic, extraterrestrial and Universal.

For Earth is a heavenly body, just like the other planets, meteors, the Sun, asteroids, and your own moon. When you interact directly with your planet, you interact directly with the Universe. You are acting directly as the Universe would direct you to act. In this state, you are not distracted, confused, or drained by those things which are not real.

The rest is a man-made game you are addicted to, and there are so many more fun games to play, and we invite you to do just that.

Beings from Orion, via Eve Featherstone

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