Friday, August 3, 2012

Channel Pleiadian Council of Nine, The Color of Emotional Delemmas, 8-3-12

Hello, and good day. We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine, here to assist in the delivery of an important and comprehensive module of understanding as well as examples of how to understand more fully a concept which is partially visible to you and partially not visible.

You are aware, through Eve's information from us, of the hidden qualities color has in your realm. The vibration or wavelength of color emits and effects your situation and those around you in ways you cannot perceive, so it is important to wear, choose and display colors, which from your perspective, are high vibration. It is up to you to decide this on a case by case basis, thereby instilling your individual filter to that which you are in midst of.

Emotion and Color are what we want you to contemplate today with us. Imagine your emotions as color, and color as emotions for the sake of example, for indeed they are very similar from our perspective. The hue of a color is how a color is identified based upon the dominant wavelength it emits or reflects to the human eye. Each human, in the spectrum range of days, months, years, displays a chronic hue of emotions, as well as smaller changes from day to day, minute to minute. Your chronic "hue" of emotion is what you reflect most of the time. It is what others "see" you as.

Light, as you know it is visible light, or light visible to the human eye. Bees and birds, for example, can see into ranges of color which are invisible to humans. They find nectar and mates with this sensory ability.

It may be useful to you to find food and mates using your ability to sense "emotional hue". We will explain.

Black is said to be ALL the colors, but we say to you black is all the colors of the light spectrum visible to humans. White is also ALL the colors, but it includes light visible and invisible to humans. It contains more invisible wavelengths than humanly visible, and is what we suggest you seek in your Earthly dealings.

In choosing foods, seek that which naturally produces what you consider to be high vibration colors.

In mates, friends, associates, choose those which from your perspective emit high vibration, or emit emotional hues from the white end of light.
Black can be intriguing, but is limited, and draws all Earthly color into itself. White light demands you trust, allow, lighten and process known and unknown. Black suggests you process contrast, drama, mystery and hides that which exists in your Earthly plane from you, causing fears and indecision.

You can indeed broaden your personal portfolio of emotional investment by choosing from among the white light, as well as by hosting a vibrant array of high vibration colors in your Earthly dealings.

To "see" the higher vibration of emotions, seek that which ignites or nurtures laughter, games, strong interest, use of your human body, oneness with others and newness/adventure. Being bored is the lowest you want to allow in your spectrum. If you fall here in boredom, allow the emptiness, seek out that which you have a strong interest in and then allow the newness which will grow out of the fertility of strong interest.

If you fall below boredom into resentment, anger, suppressed hostility, sadness, fear or other more desperate emotions . . . . stop . . . care for yourself in ways you usually do not, and allow the fertility of self care and self love to sprout new veins of strong interest for which will serve to be vehicles out of less desireable emotional ranges. We also want to stress the importance of stopping television, media of all kinds, and normal boredome rituals you may have well established. Everything is different now, so choose different solutions to your recurring delemas*.

Choose wisely which colors and emotions you emit, as this does indeed have an immense effect on your life.

Good day,
The Pleiadian Council of Nine
via EVE Featherstone

1.A situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, esp. equally undesirable ones.
2.A difficult situation or problem.

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