Thursday, August 9, 2012

Poem, Thank You For Your Patience, 8-9-12

I'm disconnected mostly
I'm dangerously impared
I screach my tires in the
Reality I've dared
To exist in to create
A change in this dire time

I'm not able to listen
I'm not able to read
I'm not able to tune in
To greed or normal creed

Wait with me with patience
Hold some space for me
I will return shortly
To take measures I need

Thank you for the changes
Thank you for the time
Thank you for just watching
Me float upon the tides

I don't know how long this
Awakening will take
I don't know how long my
Confidence will make
More and more pure efforts
More and more ideals
More and more new projects
One of which will yield

Manage my affairs as
I create beyond here
Manage my existance
I'm thankful that you share
Your time and space here with me
Your faith and love are true
I will just enjoy this
Process 'til it's through.
--EVE Featherstone

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