Friday, November 16, 2012

Channel, Martin Luther King, Jr., 11-16-12

It is I, the true soul of Martin Luther King, Jr., from the other side of the veil, wishing to transmit through Eve, a message for humanity at this "crucial" time.

Many of you are deeply worried, yet repress the expression of your worries. You do so because so much is riding on your shoulders. You play roles, and you mean well, yet you are dead inside, and you dare not have dreams. Your dreams have been reduced to simply survival. You hope your job will survive. You hope you will survive the changes your job imposes on you every so often. You hope your ability to perform duties survives. You are on autopilot. You turn to television for some glimmer of what is to come, and you believe what you hear.

Your only salvation is to turn to each other. Talk with each other in real terms. Speak of real things. Say what you really feel, even if it is a song of hopelessness. In this vulnerability you will fuse into one, instead of compete as if there isn't enough to go around. You will fuse into Oneness instead of defending territory, ideals, or ego. You will fuse into Oneness, and share ideas and emotions which are common among you. You will realize you are not alone and in survival mode, but at the point where there is no other place to go except into each other's arms. Don't let your heart cave in on itself. Feed your heart with shared hopes. Feed your heart with simple, small shared resources and efforts. Feed your heart and expand your awareness, and you will never need the television again.

Wake up ladies and gentlemen. Stop staring into the tunnel and look around yourselves. Slowly if not swiftly become as One, and wait no longer. It is time.

Oversoul of the former Martin Luther King Jr.
via Eve Featherstone

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