Thursday, November 29, 2012

Channel to EVE, As a Collective Interface, 11-29-12

Relax, dear one, your tense anticipation is slowing up time. Fill with Light not information. Fill with AIR as well as food. The nights are forboding in particiular, as old processes are leaving for good. Memories are leaving for good, and attachments are melting away unnoticed. This is what leaves you feeling peculiar at times, as you do not recognize your life, or more accurately, you don't recognize your own perspective.

You may wonder whose perspective you are seeing the world with now, and that is a good question. You are now seeing the world through the collective mind, and this will keep you in a calm, contemplative state throughout much of the day.

Abject*, is a word which will describe your response to common circumstances now brought to your attention. You will be surprised at these feelings and moreover you are no longer accustomed to these feelings, having been in a higher vibration for such a long time now. You wonder how you can be in a dimension where these things still exist, for to you they are archaic.

This is because the beings seeing Earth through your eyes have never personally experienced a place where these actions or situations exist, and so you are feeling a physiological response to other's consciousness. It is the opposite of having negative entities on board.

You may feel suddenly unsafe in places which offered you peace and tranquility before. You may be feeling that something terrible is going to happen. You may feel as a rabbit or other food chain animal feels at times. This is because your body is still wired at this time with more primitive survival mechanisms. Now as you know the situation we have described, please soften your response, and stop . . . hold the Light, and ask for assistance.

We are here to observe through you, assist you, and guide you every step of the way now. You are our interface, and we will adjust frequency and make other adjustments if necessary to make you more comfortable if you simply ask.

Primary Guide Council
to Eve Featherstone

1.(of a situation or condition) Extremely bad, unpleasant, and degrading.
2.(of an unhappy state of mind) Experienced to the maximum degree.

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