Monday, January 21, 2013

Would you Recognize Your Own Heart?

For the purposes of this entry, "heart" refers to the spiritual heart. Not the heart chakra, not the physical heart, but the non-physical geometric masterpiece which makes you original. It is the little spark of the creator that you are uniquely, and it goes unknown for long periods of time, or even a lifetime without a proper introduction or recognition.

Your heart is a direct, 2-way wormhole to the Creator, as well as the whole Oneness of the Universe. It is in you, and it is separate also from your soul. It is in the center of your chest between the collarbone and sternum.

In my spiritual work, when encountering entities which will not go to the Light, or who wear a sense of unworthiness even after death, the heart is used to magically and instantly transform all the unworthiness and fear into acceptance, joy, and a big cosmic epiphany. This occurs when one sees ones own heart mirrored back to them in full. When individuals see their own heart for what it is, it is so powerfully transformative, that they instantly and joyfully surrender to the Light and Love, as it is presented to them by whichever and whomever is the guide present at the "time".

The heart usually remains unknown and undetected because of the dominance of the human brain and human ego. This is a cultural dominance enforced at the end of childhood to force a child to "grow up" and be responsible, marketable individuals. Playtime is over!

The heart is known during "heartbreak", but yet at the time of heartbreak, it closes off to the Creator and to other hearts, in self banishment to suffering. It is hard to open a broken or severely injured heart. Animals are good at this. It seems even the most injured heart will respond instantly to the love and assistance of an animal. It is no wonder the heart will shy away from other individuals who are brain/ego dominant. It seems one encounters very few heart centered individuals in a lifetime. Being heart centered is considered weak by the workforce and by values cultivated in human society.

While walking through a nature preserve, passionately following the song of my favorite birds, I ran across a magical chartreuse green clover meadow lit by the golden setting sun. My soul in its ecstasy suggested that my own heart was as sweet and endearing and as cute as bird faces are to me. My heart is as peaceful as a clover field in the spring, and my heart was fertile with the promise of new growth, love and adventure. My heart did not disagree, it silently observed with a quiet sweet smile, which inferred "This was a very good start!"

I knew, even in this moment of ecstasy, joy and freedom, that this feeling was only just a hint at how endearing, magical and astounding my own heart is. I will happily continue to know my own heart, and in its infinite relaxed expansiveness will search for more glorious hints of its infinite glory and absolute precision fit into the intricate and ever expanding Oneness of the Universe.

The photo included with this entry is of an owl face I was delighted to find by simply cutting a pear in half. I don't have a full realization, but "My heart is as sweet as a bird face in a pear" will have to do for now.

Kelly Marbach's inner observer (I)
via Eve Featherstone

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