Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Channel Master Kuthumi, The Gift of Gifts, 2-20-2013

This is Master Kuthumi, ambassador of Good News to you now as humans upon Earth in this most celebratory of times.

Easing into the New Eden, the Golden Age, the Christ Consciousness coordinates, which arise from between the old world and ways and the new world and ways, I will give unto thee notes of decree to help you isolate that which has been bestowed to you as a gift of gifts. For you are witness to a gift of transformation that has never been seen entirely nor accurately explained by any one person or entity.

You are now the Christ child. You are the ones celebrated, for it is you who are emerging and being reborn. Your own Earth as your natural companion will be with you now, and during this blessed event, gifts as those bestowed by the Magi, from the stars and dignitaries from across and beyond the curtain, offer you praise, welcome and acceptance.

The gifts may be imagined in color, in temperature, in temperament, and in grandeur. Your unworthiness must be taken off as a frock for doing chores, for now you reside within the acceptance love and mercy of your Creator and the divine essence of all things living and still.

In rich opalescent and pearled glow, the hues of orange-gold, hibiscus pink and emerald green gradually adorn all that shines with the light of Christ Consciousness, and the faces of those in witness will glow with the moistness of gentle vitality and blush at the ecstasy and joy abundant in all who are looked upon and who add to the rejoicing of souls immediate and present.

Reverence shall take the disguise of a beautiful flower turning itself inside out and becoming even something more beautiful, and more beautiful, and more beautiful with no diminished quantity of life within, but instead creating life as it uses its life force to blossom. Drink of this mature, fruited harvest, and share the joy it brings to all your enhanced senses.

The opulence conceived only at traditional Christmas celebrations will be appropriate at all times, as all will be inspired to celebrate in gratitude as their hearts expand to own this all without unworthiness or doubt.

Take in now what you require to flourish, and you will blossom heart and soul into the consciousness of the Good News, the delivery from futility, the banishment of limitations on the true and pure intentions of all you who continue to strive for excellence, growth, beauty and love.

It is my pure pleasure to announce and proclaim these truths as a messenger of God and the Christ Consciousness vapor of transformation, now at your door.

In transient accompaniment,
Master Kuthumi
via Eve Featherstone

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