Thursday, February 28, 2013

Channel RA, Egyptian Sun God, IRIS via Eve Featherstone

The iris of the human eye is underutilized and misunderstood, but the purpose of this article is to shift your thought patterns regarding how you process what you see.

As you might expect, the iris is a collector of information, and light is information. Your mind processes each image in a certain way. Notice the feeling you get when you run across an image which trips a switch of grief, sadness, injustice . . . which then triggers apathy, anger, vengeful thoughts and your mind follows with a series of less than excellent internal images to tell you a story, judge, condemn and possibly plot. In this instance, an image has fed the torus of your eye a negative ingredient, which you then create more negative images from.

If we look at the eye from a 2 dimensional perspective, it might seem like the spokes of a wheel radiating from the pupil, but instead, it is actually a rather multidimensional structure as you see it from a color and pattern perspective. Interesting that your word for the pupil is also the same as for 'student', for is not your eye the student in this lifetime? Learning by seeing what is reflected back?

The message in my dream last night was direct, and this is what it said, "adjust your perception of each situation not using the same spoke of your eye each time, but choose different ones. There are as many truths to each situation as there are spokes to your eye."

If you cannot avoid negative images from friends, media, internet, etc, then try hard to turn the big ship of patterned perception around and go a different direction. See if you can find one thought which is better than your initial, and if you have the courage, stay with it until you find an unattached summation of the situation devoid of emotion.

Because the eye processes as a torus, you have input and output. If you take in and process information negatively, you are also going to project this back out, and actually create more if what you dislike. You are creators.

Ask yourself if an animal would have as much judgement about the situation as you do. If not, then you know there is a peaceful response you haven't solidly located yet. Back out, back out, back out, disconnect, lose your attachment to your initial perception and try again and again and again.

If your heart goes out to someone or something in an image or situation, STOP, and reconnect YOUR heart to SOURCE, God-force energy and keep yourself aligned with THAT. This will keep you strong, solid, accurate and more effective in all you do.

This is all said so that in great numbers, we do not inadvertently spread horrific images to prolong and perpetuate that which we find horrid. Simply respond to your situation and your surroundings, and do not become or remain attached to scenarios which do not belong to you.

Now go on, and be a good pupil.

Channel RA
via Eve Featherstone

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