Friday, April 5, 2013

Pleiadian Council of Nine, Humming Meditation, via Eve Featherstone

Your skulls are more than a random shape to accommodate biological functions and house the control bridge of your human organism. Your skulls are designed after other sound chambers found elsewhere. The crystal skulls found on your planet support this, as they are brilliant spiritual technology, as is the sound and vibration functions of your skull combined with your own magical anatomy within.

Let's presume your cells prefer to align with certain frequencies. Let's suppose the liquid in your bodies becomes a crystalline grid of harmonic perfection with certain frequencies. Let's presume you possess already, the ability to align yourself, vibrate out impurities, automatically realign and purify your own bodies from the thorax up through the head and out to all your various corresponding checkpoints throughout the Universe.

Let's assume it perfects and calibrates your throat, sinuses, inner ears, thymus, thyroid, pituitary, hypothalamus and pineal glands. Let's realize it instantly calls to attention your crisp and unequaled connection to Source energy by demanding your biological body join you in your spiritual connection.

Let's begin by going anywhere peaceful, or even someplace like coach class air travel for example. Anywhere and anytime you want to realign, calm, reconnect.

Shut your eyes, and strike any tone of humming which you would consider "medium" for your voice. It doesn't have to be loud.

Now expand like a frog does, the part of your throat between your chin and neck until this tone fills your entire head. Some of you may be able to "pop your ears" at will, such as when you fly. This will also fill your head with the tone.

Steadily hold this tone and keep it ringing throughout the inside of your own head. You will find it interesting to hear from the inside out.

Allow yourself to yawn, your eyes to tear, sneezing, laughing, smiling, crying or anything else that immediately comes to your physical attention. Let it out. These are deeply relaxing, releasing, recalibrating, resonant results of this exercise. Aligning spirit with body and then connecting with Source. Your own Holy Trinity at will. Your will. Inside you.

The yawns you experience during this will engage all the muscles of your jaw and head, wringing out stress, withheld anxiety and toxic chemicals which are the by product of stress. The tears also will help release post stress chemicals.

Do this often and notice its effects on sleep, relaxation, happiness and heart felt connection to all that is.

Good night, dear ones.

The Pleiadian Council of Nine
via Eve Featherstone

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