Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Repost of some Rattlesnake Medicine, Eve Featherstone

I am reposting the following poem from last year to assist you all in releasing pain from the past and doing the essential grounding of it here and now. This poem was written after the release of my book "Wisdom of the Feathered Serpent", so it isn't in there. Delphia Rattlesnake is the entity who is the persona behind these types of poems. The rattlesnake medicine is fierce, biting, grounding and healing. It is a verbal version of the rattles I use in healing people. They sound remarkably like the rattlesnake sounds, and to hear them close to one's own nerve centers has a great impact.

Poem, Bleeded and Seeded, 3-20-12

Drinking in bitterness
Further in time
Stimulates vanquishing
Pain soon subsides
Meaning rips through
My crown from high places
Filling my basin with
Meaning voracious

Bleeding from insecure
Bleeding from lack
Bleeding from fears
Bleeding from black
Bleeding from greed
Bleeding from back

Root chakra bleeds as if time is of lack
Root chakra bleeds as if love won't come back
Root chakra bleeds as if you don't deserve
Root chakra bleeds as if all should be burned
Root chakra bleeds as if all is decayed
Root chakra bleeds as if hope is dismayed

Transition comes from right out of the blue
As if in seeking you had formerly accrued
Balance and tenderness worthy attachments
Sent as if prayed for but not from attraction
Sent as if ordered directly by action of
Ending all that has been painful and heavy
Ending all that has been pitied and envied
Ending all that has been put upon you
Ending all that has been found so not true

Ending it, rendering it, lending it power
Pushing it, baring it, birthing it out of
Portal of regenerated wine made
Gift of the heavens and Earth in the shade

Switch tracks to bleeding from Creation's loin
Turning on energy to regions employed
Flooding the creative chakra with light
Fruiting the Earth with complete new insight

Bleeding out flowers and scents so divine
Bleeding out joy and the planting of signs
Bleeding out acknowledgement of my wine
Fermented cemented now to drink fine

Bleeding out release and relief of sin
Bleeding out beliefs and salacious bids
Bleeding out references to famine and lack
Bleeding out suffering and punishment taken
Bleeding out judgment and pacification
Bleeding out repression of emotions true
Bleeding out lessened feelings of duty
Bleeding out abandonment, loneliness acts
As its own jailer, blackmailer and packs
Weapons of destruction no longer valid
Self inflicted and no longer needed
After the Old Earth is bleeded and seeded with
Vital saved seeds from the best of the past
Crossed with the strongest and best of the pack
Accepted and blessed are gifts in this dawn
Penance is paid and your freedom its spawn.

--Eve Featherstone

loin noun 1.the parts of the body between the hips and the lower ribs, especially regarded as the seat of physical strength and generative power.
2.the genital and pubic area; genitalia.

pacification: the act of appeasing someone or causing someone to be more favorably inclined

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