Thursday, May 30, 2013

Design is Divine

Design is Divine. The design of all things is born of direct inspiration. Perversion of a direct inspiration can and is directly from limitations in the heart and spirit of lack in those who commission design from the artists and craftsman. An artist and a true craftsman will not sacrifice authenticity or quality which deviates from the direct inspiration. The direct, authentic inspiration is a joyous one. The construction if provided for in full, is also joyous and fills the hearts of the craftsmen with pride and satisfaction. When commissioners deprive their artists and craftsmen, then the project becomes perverted and lacks conformity with the natural infinity and desire for inspiration to replicate itself uniquely.

What I am saying, is that the Papal Basilicas, Vatican City, the famous paintings, the Cathedrals, are more sacred than those who reside in them. The statues and portraits, castles and artifacts of the elite are more sacred and valuable than those that owned or commissioned them. Seek ye to find inspiration directly in these designs and expressions. Here is your God. The Design is Divine, and when you see it and feel it, then you too will be inspired, in spirit and you too can authentically express your passion and greatest creative abilities to all who follow you.

Create a world and a life where you are free to create without perversion, without having to sell yourself. Just simply create. It is the God in you. The value in it is its authenticity, and your authenticity.

Eve Featherstone

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