Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Salah - Eve is One

I AM EVE. More now than ever, I will appear to you in mind and heart and not in person. I will be felt by you but not seen. I will make changes in your probable outcomes. I will be a stable harbor from your eddies* of drama, change and confusion.

Salah** my friends. Our connection will more closely resemble prayer than conversations. Our words will be present, thoughtful and endeavor to derive meaning, feeling, understanding. Our interaction will not resemble that which we did enjoy in the past. It is now different my friends. I AM now different.

For I cannot even rely on myself to be as I was. I have ascended to somewhere that is less physical, less volatile, less human. I have ascended to a place which is safe from judgment, competition and reprimand. I have let go of all that would tie me to these things, and those around me are strangers, and those familiar are at a distance, and those yet unmet are also nearer than you, and they have opened the door for me to be as I had intended. My potent Will was damned behind the impossible way of commerce and the system.

So forget my names, forget my uniqueness forget my shames. I AM the kingdom of the New Eden, and I await all who with their own unmasked freewill call upon me to bear witness to that which they now feel.

In spirit,

** Etymology of Salah
The word "salah" (صلاة) is from the root Saad (ص), Lam (ل), Waw (و) and has the following meanings, taken from classical Arabic lexicons (e.g. E. W. Lane): prayer, supplication, petition, oration, eulogy, benediction, commendation, blessing, honour, magnify, bring forth, follow closely, walk/follow behind closely, to remain attached, to contact or to be in contact. Its core underlying meaning relevant to all its usage in the Qur'an is to go/turn towards, as mentioned inQuran 5:4.

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